October 20, 2021


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Download the new iPhone update so your photos won't be deleted

Download the new iPhone update so your photos won’t be deleted

iOS 15 has It wasn’t the most painful iOS and iPadOS launched.

Updated, 19:36:

WatchOS 8.0.1 has also been released.

The update fixes the following:

  • The progress of software updates may not be displayed correctly for some users of Apple Watch Series 3
  • Accessibility settings may not be available for some users of Apple Watch Series 3

Ten days later, it’s time to update again

Close after launch iOS 15.0.1 Which corrects the following and which was launched on October 1st…:

  • Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch without any problems
  • The Settings app may show you don’t have enough disk space – that’s now fixed
  • Audio Meditations may end up suddenly starting an Apple Watch workout for some Fitness+ members. This no longer happens.

… Now Apple has released another update, and of course the version number is 15.0.2. This contains the following bug fixes:

  • Pictures you receive in the Messages app Deleted No longer when running an iCloud backup
  • iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe now correctly connects to “Where?”
  • AirTags can disappear from “Where is it”? This has also been corrected
  • CarPlay was not always able to open audio apps
  • iPhone 13 recovery or updates may fail using Finder or iTunes

The new update is around 600MB for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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