November 29, 2021


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iPhone up 20 percent - only Samsung is bigger

iPhone up 20 percent – only Samsung is bigger

IDC revealed its mobile phone sales for the third quarter of this year. Overall, there is a 6.7 percent decrease due to a lack of ingredients.

331.2 million mobile phones were sent to retailers in the third quarter of 2021

As you can see from the table, Samsung is struggling with most of the single companies due to lack of components, and is down 14.2 percent, while Apple, Vivo and Oppo are on the rise. There is also a big “second” tier in IDC’s numbers, which accounted for 30.5 percent of the share in the third quarter of 2021.

Perhaps the reason Apple has been able to avoid similar connectivity issues is that it uses the same chips in other product families, the iPad mini and iPhone 13 both using the A15 chip:

Apple had a market share in the third quarter of last year 11,7 Percent, a number that now reads 15,2 percent and an increase of 20.8 percent. Samsung had 22,7 percent of the market share, but now it has fallen to 20,8 percent.

In addition to the lack of ingredients, IDC presents a report on the situation in the world after the outbreak of the Corona virus:

Stricter testing and quarantine guidelines are delaying transmission, and China’s power supply restrictions are limiting production of key components. Despite all efforts to limit the impact, production targets for all major suppliers for the fourth quarter were revised downward. With continued strong demand, we don’t expect supply issues to subside until well into next year.”

Moreover, the figures reveal that Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Asia/Pacific region (excluding Japan and China) saw a decline of 23.2% and 11.6% compared to last year, while the US, Western Europe and China all headed in a much negative trend. Smaller: 0.2, 4.6 and 4.4 percent. The reason: that the plant prefers these areas.

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