December 3, 2021


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Now Google VPN is in Norway

Now Google VPN is in Norway

That was in December of last year Which we first heard about Google’s VPN service in connection with the launch of the updated Google One.

Google VPN launched in Norway, but it’s not free

At the time, the VPN service wasn’t included in the payment package, but now it’s (yes, you have to pay for One to get the VPN service), though Google isn’t far away now, but Google says it’s still a few days away from its launch.

To access the VPN, you must be a 2TB or higher package member.

It’s important to note that the service doesn’t work in countries where it hasn’t been launched, at least not “for now,” as Google puts it.

This is how a VPN connection works.

Promises not to intrude

The company says with all its heart that it will “never use a VPN connection to monitor, log in, or sell your browser activity.” In addition, the client is open source and point-to-point encryption Investigation by the NCC GroupBut on behalf of Google.

Google also says that it will not monitor network traffic, DNS, IP addresses, and bandwidth used even when users are logged in.

The company has reported that it is developing apps for iOS, Mac, and Windows, but so far the service can only be used via Google One app for Android.

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