November 29, 2021


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TESLA Delivery Crisis: You won't receive the Tesla Model X and S until the end of 2022

TESLA Delivery Crisis: You won’t receive the Tesla Model X and S until the end of 2022

When Electrek announced that prices for the X and S in the US had increased by $5,000 (41,800 kroner), we also had to take a look at Tesla’s Norwegian online store.

There are no cars in stock either

What we found was no price increase, at least not from August of this year yet, but we quickly discovered something else: the Model X or S can’t even be delivered end of next yearNone of the same models are finished in stock, either.

The cheaper models, the Y and 3, will be delivered in December, and there are also ready-made cars in Tesla’s online store.

Long Range or Plaid cannot be delivered before the end of 2022.

Could this be true?

In California, the first customers of the all-new Model X received their cars (after placing their order a year ago).

Tesla says there will be more information about delivery of the upgraded models next month, but it’s unknown if they’re only talking about the US market, or globally. If they are targeting the international market, they can also update delivery estimates in the online Norwegian store.

So it’s possible that Tesla Norway will be ready to deliver these, and time estimates are preliminary times being updated with a somewhat more positive estimate. We asked Tesla to find out what’s going on.

The same goes for the Model S, while the Y and 3 could be delivered in December.

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