October 19, 2021


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Test: Polestar 2 is family-friendly, but the future is missing

Polestar 2 is a shockingly spacious car for a family of four And Quadruple friend.

an introduction

Polestar actually started in 1996 and then became owned by “Flash/Polestar Racing”. In 2015, the company was acquired by Volvo, which in turn is owned by China’s Geely after the acquisition in 2010.

Independent of Volvo, Polestar has a design that doesn’t make us think primarily of a Swedish car manufacturer, but inside is more reminiscent of Volvo, and in a good way (everything inside is very solidly built), and with safety features offensive. More on this later.

The Polestar 2 has received good reviews in the Norwegian press, and although we are far from the first to test it, it is an important brand that we think is desirable given the offensive price in the now very large electric car market with many competitors in the same price range. , including from Kia.

We tested the single Long Range engine model with the Plus package which costs 429,000 kroner.

The premium package includes:

  • heat pump
  • Panoramic roof with Polestar projection symbol
  • Harman Kardon Premium Sound
  • WeaveTech i Slate/Charcoal Seats
  • Fully electrically adjustable seats with 4-way lumbar support (driver’s seat with memory), mechanical seat extension and rear storage net
  • Heated rear seats, steering wheel and windshield wiper nozzles
  • interior lighting upgrade
  • 15W wireless mobile phone charging
  • Grocery bag holder
  • Tinted window on the back door

Here are all the Polestar 2 prices:

  • Long-range twin motor 429,000kr
  • Single long-range engine: 389,000 kroner
  • Standard single-engine range: 349 000 kr
  • Performance package: 50,000 kr
  • Plus package: 40,000 kroner
  • Trial package: 30,000 kr
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Photo: Polestar

This is how you work

During testing we were always a little unsure whether we had activated forward or reverse gear, as the car is a bit slow to start rolling forward. This is enhanced by moving the “gear” up to the rear, not backward. It sounds a little silly, but it wasn’t familiar a few times before we got used to it. The fact that starting to roll gently made us unsafe when driving out of tight areas like parking garages: it requires a little more pedal pressure than required, and you don’t want to speed up much either, but luckily the starts are very smooth and a nice experience and actually less offensive for a long time From Kia Niro.

The turning radius of this front wheel drive is not impressive which is something we wish to improve on more cars. As is known, they are cramped in Oslo.

Trond me, not a fan of parking

With that in mind, it also makes sense to talk about driving experience. We tested it with the longest range and without all-wheel drive, and we learned that acceleration is more than enough even on this model. You will have no difficulty getting out of a difficult situation or holding back if necessary.

The car feels safe and stable on the road and when cornering and exiting roundabouts. We are happy with the low profile tires the test car was delivered with, both on dry and wet roads, and had no problems with braking in parking situations where you have to be more vigilant due to constant changes and drivers who don’t follow that well enough.

Polestar 2 is a single pedal car where you rarely need to apply the brakes. The reason is that you can activate the brake so that the battery is charged by releasing the accelerator pedal. This is easy to get used to, and annoying to lose.


When driving on the road, it is much more pleasant than if you are lying on a highway. On the slightly curvy roads of the country, it is a pleasure to drive, because you sit low and the large panoramic roof elevates the experience on a nice autumn day with the sun. Polestar sells itself as a sportswear brand, and while it doesn’t take that much in any extreme way, it’s fun for the price and you’re sitting in it a lot less than you’d think by looking at it from the outside.

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The touch screen didn’t take us any time to figure this out, and what’s even better is that whatever you tap on reacts instantly without having to target interface objects.

BrandApple CarPlay: Not yet implemented, but Polestar says it will. Alternatively, you can sign in with Google and control the vehicle using speech recognition.