October 27, 2021


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They hacked iPhone 13 FaceID: 'Apple is at war with China, not consumers'

They hacked iPhone 13 FaceID: ‘Apple is at war with China, not consumers’

Six days ago We wrote that it has been confirmed that FaceID will be disabled if you are using non-Apple-certified panels.

iCorrect did it, but it gets harder soon

Now we know more about what’s going on, and maybe why.

The experts at iCorrect have taken a comprehensive look at what Apple has done with the changes in the new iPhone models, plus, they have an idea of ​​why Apple chose to take this step, and the conclusion may not be quite as everyone thought.

But then let’s just imagine the technological changes the company has brought about, because it’s so much new.

Panels are becoming increasingly sophisticated

The chip that controls the iPhone 13 series not only talks to the mobile phone, but also the mobile phone’s FaceID, so it’s clear: the screen is removed, the connection stops, and because these screens have serial numbers sent to the mobile phone, FaceID stops working The serial number is not supported by Apple. This is not surprising and something to reckon with since this was discovered.

In addition, the iPhone 13 panel now contains a chip with ADC (analog to digital conversion), True Tone activation (when the iPhone X came, the switch to non-certified panels was detected, True Tone was deactivated) and FaceID activation.

The thing with the iPhone X’s True Tone info, and changing the plates, is that you can read, delete, and program these chips:

The Chinese soon found a way to copy the above data. Originally, data could only be copied from one native screen to another, but over the years we’ve seen the code ported to non-native screens


So, they think Apple is doing it

So Apple has taken another step to disable features automatically if there is any component tampering, but why?

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iCorrect believes that the reason is the war against China:

“In my opinion, and it’s not something I can comment on for the entire industry, is that this is not a battle against third-party reform, but Apple’s battle with China. We consumers and repairers are caught in the middle.

Apple designs beautiful technology inside and out, and produces it in China, which separates technology from each other and produces replacement parts. Apple is smart and is using this against the Chinese by banning non-original parts. Unfortunately, this also means that they forbid the use of their private parts.”

iCorrect did, but it’s not exactly easy

So the experts concluded that Apple was smart, but not so smart that it was not possible for them to do this: they managed to transfer the original “Integrated Circuit” chip from one original board to another, without which FaceID stopped working. .

iCorrect expects Apple to fix this which it considers a coding error so that communication between chips does not work and thus shuts down the third-party market in China.