November 27, 2021


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Windows 10 November Update Is Here - That's New

Windows 10 November Update Is Here – That’s New

Everyone’s talking about Windows 11, and for good reason: There’s a bigger interface overhaul and better multi-core CPU support to be found.

A new Windows 10 update is ready

But Windows 10 has most of the same features and not the least of the basic platform. There may also be some who did not want to upgrade yet, among other things, performance deteriorated AMD CPUs, a problem that has also been basically solved problem printer Who sneaks in both 10 and 11.

The November update for Windows 10 is also referred to as 21H2, and it’s rolling out right now, but there’s not much news to find. This has already been the case with Windows 10 updates for a long time, the company has long since shifted its focus to Windows 11.

You can request the update via Windows Update, or download.

This is new

  • Support WPA3 H2E standard for WiFi security. The new security standard makes it more difficult to steal login details in so-called “side-channel” attacks.
  • Windows Hello for Business is easier to roll out thanks to “Cloud Trust”. The difference between Hello for users and businesses is that the enterprise version uses certificate authentication
  • GPUs in Linux-based systems in Windows, also called the Windows subsystem for Linux, are supported by computing support. The same applies to Azure IoT Edge for Linux with EFLOW Windows distributions

In other words, it is small for consumers. Perhaps the most important thing is the first thing to ensure that the operating system supports the next modern security standard for wireless networks, but it is far from being widely rolled out yet, so it will take several years before it becomes a requirement.

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