December 2, 2022


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தவளை, நெசோடன் |  Worst tank traffic jams:

தவளை, நெசோடன் | Worst tank traffic jams:

Another snowfall fell on Frogn and Nesodden. Traffic was congested on the roads again early Thursday morning.

Just before 06 o’clock, a lorry got stuck under Pannepakkena, according to the Eastern Police Circle.

– The train has been standing there for a while, about an hour. The driver constantly refuses to drive, he is afraid to drive off the road. So we are currently trying to resolve the situation there.

This was stated by Sweeney Wale, Operations Manager, Eastern Police District.

– It is possible to cross the train, but it is narrow, says a patrolman at the scene.

Operations Manager Wally recommended Nozodinger and others who had planned to drive Pannepakken in the morning to take the alternate route.

– You might consider driving over the Fran Church or Mena, says Vale.

Work began to rescue the truck, which was on the first hill in the direction of Nesoton.

The road is open

Vegtrafikksentralen Øst tells Amta just before nine o’clock that traffic is free again in Pannabagan.

– We have received the message now, but do not know how long the road has been open. After hearing that the tow truck was coming, we received no notification of the situation. But now a snowmobile driver who had passed the place called and warned that everything was fine at the place, says Michael Olson at Vegtrafiksentralen st.

Leave the car

Wall adds that there are complicated driving conditions in many places and that he receives many complaints about traffic incidents.

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– We were ready for this.

– So do you need to be extra vigilant today?

– Yes. And if you have a chance to get out of the car, it’s not nonsense, Vale says.

Series of events

Reports of traffic accidents are coming in the morning at several places in the Eastern Police District.

07:33: The right lane on E6 at Crankcriset was closed in the direction of Oslo due to the car’s recovery. Shortly afterwards, it was reported that the road was reopened.

06:51 pm: Trømborgsveien, Eidsberg: Traffic accident. A car was involved. Emergency services are on site. The incident took place in Eidsberg, Trømborgveien.

06:51 pm: Patterødkrysset, Moss: Two cars collided head-on with each other in the direction of Oslo, causing drivers to lean over the shoulder of the road while writing a damage report. Be vigilant. In a short time, the road was opened to traffic.

06:49: Lillestrøm in the direction of Rælingstunnelen. Closed due to traffic accident. The car was triggered by a collision with a wall and airbag. Emergency services are on site. The driver got out of the car. The tunnel has been closed due to the accident.

05:49 pm: Nesoddveien, /s / Frogn: Truck stuck on the first hill towards Nesoddveien. Prevents other traffic. Efforts are being made to provide relief.

05:46 AM: Skjeberg, E6 North: Report of a traffic accident north of E6 at the Skjeberg exit. E6 blocked. Many cars are involved.

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