100 days since the start of the war, the world does not see an end – VG

100 days since the start of the war, the world does not see an end - VG
Guardian of the Angels: 49-year-old Sergei Tarasyuk sits on the edge of his bed in his bedroom – what’s left of it – in the town of Slovyansk in the Donbas region on June 1. He survived a grenade attack because he slept in the living room the night before.

Brutal war crimes, cities in ruins and soon seven million people fled. Russia is said to have occupied a land the size of southern Norway, according to new maps that are spreading fast.


After 100 days of war, it is now 19 percent of Ukraine is under Russian control, displays an overview of VG. Russia has stepped up air strikes in the Donbass to facilitate what British intelligence describe as “infiltration advances” on the ground in the separatist-held region in the east of the country.

The combination of intense air strikes and artillery bombardment has recently given the Russians a head start, according to a British Ministry of Defense report published on Saturday.

And now Russia has increased the use of weapons without control mechanisms, which has led to even greater destruction and the risk of civilian casualties.

Matches in Sievjerodonetsk

Despite the cautious Russian advance, the front lines are stable. in trenches Carrying tens of thousands of soldiers standing on each side.

The battle is on for the besieged city Sevgerodonetsk In Luhansk Oblast, part of Donbass. Russia is said to have sent new reserve forces here in an effort to secure the city, according to the Ukrainian military.

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background: Putin can muster such great forces

Russia currently controls 72 percent of the Donbass region:

thought-provoking map

The independent Russian online newspaper Medusa has published several maps showing the territory occupied by Russia in Ukraine – which have only been transferred to another geographical area in Europe.

Maps shared for the first time Facebook by a Ukrainian man from Dnipro who wanted to convince his European friends of the extent of the occupation. The post has so far received 3,000 likes and been shared 12,000 times.

Maps have since gone viral Social media. The maps show how much territory Russia has occupied from Ukraine – if you transfer it to other countries in Europe. Map 2 shows Norway (use the arrow keys to scroll back and forth).

1 / 5

Ukraine: the Russian-occupied area of ​​Ukraine.

note! The calculations on the maps in the gallery above were not made by VG, and therefore may deviate somewhat from the situation on the ground.

little hope

Both Ukraine and Russia believe that they should be able to win the war.

But more and more international leaders are indicating that the first 100 days will be replaced by 100, and a new 100 days after that – with all the tragedy that follows.

– This war will not have a victor. Instead, over 100 days we have witnessed what we have lost: lives, a home, jobs and hope for the future, said UN Deputy Secretary-General Amin Awad on Friday.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg asked the West to prepare itself for a “prolonged war of exhaustion”.

Ukrainians are paying a heavy price to defend their country on the battlefield. But we also see Russia taking a big toll, he said Thursday, after a meeting with President Joe Biden in Washington, D.C

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