1189 nursing students took the exam again. 672 coats

1189 nursing students took the exam again.  672 coats


Only one student out of 1,189 students who took the Conti exam in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry had the highest score.

High failure rates have long been a problem in subjects of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry (people in the photo not related to the case).

More than half of the nursing students who took the Conti exam in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry received a failing grade. 672 counties of 1189, printer nursing.

Only one of the students who took the exam had the highest score.

– It is not surprising that the failure rate is so high in the accounting exam, but we are glad that there are more than 500 other students who can continue their education, says Director of NOKOT (National Authority for Education Quality), Christine Feeney, to the trade journal.

At the final exam held in May, 25 students received a grade B. Twelve of them passed the exam at Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL), according to the nursing institution.

problem for a long time

High failure rates have always been a problem for the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry exams in nursing studies in Norway. This has led to many people taking the exam again (accounting exam).

For several years, the failure rate for the normal examination in the subject was about 20 percent nationwide. It was no better in arithmetic tests.

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At the same time, there are significant differences between different educational institutions. In 2021, the figure was up to an average of 25 percent in the regular exam. The numbers varied between institutions from 10 to more than 50 percent failing.

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Change is required

Many have previously called for changes in nursing education, in order to reduce the high repetition rates.

Last year, nurse and social worker Katherine Kreuger came out forcefully in Khrono Against Nursing Education.

There is little appetite for change in educational settings. It may seem that nursing education preserves old solutions for new challenges. Kruger said that no other university studies could accept such a position.

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