12,360 newly registered people affected – VG

12,360 newly registered people affected - VG

A further record has been set in the number of victims. Third this week.


In the last 24 hours 12360 new cases of infection have been registered. This is a new record, the third record this week. The previous record was 11,825 new registrations The infection occurred on January 13th.

This is (7888) 4472 more cases than the average of the previous seven days.

252 people have been admitted to the hospital Overview of VG. 78 are in intensive care and 58 are in the respiratory tract.

This is 6,200 more cases than it was 6,160 on Friday last week.

According to VG’s calculations, the incidence of recorded infections is increasing.

233 municipalities are on the rise.

Espen Rostrup Nakstad Said this week That there will be significantly more infections.

– The Omigran variant doubles every eight days, which seems to be the case in Norway, so even if we have infection control measures, there will be significantly more infections, he said.

Government Made the steps a little easier After a news conference on Thursday, Health Minister Ingville Kerkol acknowledged that many more would be affected in the coming months.

The reason for the easing of measures is that many more are vaccinated and therefore better protected. At the same time, much is known about the Omigran variant, which gives mild symptoms to most people.

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