“13 Reasons Why” — Dylan gave up acting — explains why

“13 Reasons Why” — Dylan gave up acting — explains why

Premiere: Dylan Minnette at the Los Angeles premiere of The Dropout in February 2022. Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP/NTB

The 27-year-old has not been seen on TV or in a movie in over two years.

American Dylan Minnette got his big break in the controversial TV series “13 Reasons Why”, which ran for four seasons – from 2017 to 2020.

This led to two more roles – in the film “Scream 5” and the mini-series “The Dropout”.

But since then it has been completely quiet. or not calm – Because Minette changed the pastures. Now the music is what matters. He is 27 years old and is the vocalist of the rock band Wallows.

Being able to play music full time is a long-time dream. Minnette himself helped create Wallows way back in 2011, when he was just 14 years old.

In an interview with Zack Sang Show Minette explains why he would sacrifice one for the other.

-I was lucky enough to achieve success as an actor. “13 Reasons Why” was a very popular show, and it got a boost in my career that I had never gotten before.

Role: Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford in the movie “13 Reasons Why.” Photo: Beth Dauber/Netflix / Key Set – Pre-Launch

Minette explains that he suddenly found himself in a very privileged position.

-And it was fun all the time, and always inspiring. But then it started to feel like a job.

Music, on the other hand, is a great passion too. The star says he and others in the band have always dreamed of “going as far as we can”.

-And now I feel like I'm in a position to do that for a while. Look how far we can go. But the only way to find out is to put 100% of my time and energy into it.

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TV Concert: Dylan Minnette and the Wallows performed on NBC's “Today” show on May 24. Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters/NTB

Minette says following a musical dream is normal, and that he and the band want to show the world “that they take it seriously.”

Wallows has over 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and the song with the most streams is “Are You Bored Yet” with over 830 million plays.

But the 27-year-old hasn't necessarily put her acting career on the shelf forever.

-I feel like I have more to offer. When the time is right, when we have fulfilled our commitments at Wallows and everyone is ready to take a break as a band.

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