14 Bridges to be checked after collapse – V.G

14 Bridges to be checked after collapse - V.G
The Accident Investigation Board is working at the scene on Thursday.

On Monday, the Tretten Bridge collapsed in Gutbrandsthalen. 14 identical wooden bridges were closed on Tuesday.

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Norway’s Public Roads Administration is now asking all bridge managers to carry out a special inspection, says Morten Raitt Hansen at the Roads Directorate in a press release.

A special inspection is an extended inspection of the entire bridge structure.

Things to check in the study:

  • Limbs and joints – especially weaknesses, defects, etc.
  • All storage should be carefully inspected and photographed.
  • All screwed connections should be checked.
  • Welded joints should be checked.
  • Demolition and punishments should be recorded.

The reason for the decline is unknown

As of Friday morning, the Swedish Road Administration still did not know why the Tretten Bridge collapsed.

– Norwegian Road Administration writes in a press release that after initial investigations into the causes of the collapse of the Tretten bro bridge, we have no explanation as to why this happened.

To make sure this never happens again, they have chosen to close all bridges of the same type as Dredton Bro.

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SINTEF will conduct an investigation and police are investigating the accident.

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The car was submerged in water

A truck was lying on the bridge when the bridge collapsed. The driver had to be airlifted out.

At the same time, a car plunged into the water.

The occupants of the vehicles were quickly accounted for and, according to the conditions, were safe.

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