151 apps removed by Google:

151 apps removed by Google:

Following tips from security company Avast, Google has removed 151 Android apps from the App Store, Play Store.

This is because the applications, which are apparently legitimate before being downloaded, notify the user of expensive SMS services that can cost more than 300 kroner per month.

More than 10 million downloads

Apps have been downloaded a total of 10.5 million times, according to Sensor Tower stats, and appeared as legitimate apps on the App Store — like games, camera apps, video editing tools, and the like.

Examples of app names are “Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro”, “Ultra camera HD”, “Crime city: revenge”, “Call voice Registration 2.0”, “Phone Finder” and “Vidmixer Pro”. You can see the full list of applications she has.

according to Statistics from Avast Fortunately, Sensor Tower isn’t Norway among the 10 countries that downloaded apps the most times, but in 10th place is Poland with 170,000 downloads.

painting: With this slightly “hidden” button, you can activate portrait mode in many applications. Video: Embla Hjört Larsen.
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Promoted on social media

So it is not impossible that Norwegian users have also been implicated in this scam. Especially since some apps have also been promoted in social media like Instagram and TikTok, Avast reports.

In other words, it might be smart to check the list of apps and see if you recognize any of them and then maybe delete them from the phone if you haven’t used them yet.

The apps ask for your phone number to use the app when you start it, but it is variable to what extent you indicate that you will then be notified by SMS.

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If you’ve already smoked in one go and signed up, simply deleting the app won’t help — SMS costs can continue to run, Avast warns.

Hence, you need to check your phone bill carefully and possibly call your operator for cleaning. Such things can stand and check for weeks and months without the user noticing.

It is also possible to change your subscription so that you do not receive SMS messages sent at a financial cost, but then the opportunity to vote for TV shows and the like also disappears.

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