16 people died in the United States in one of the worst Christmas storms in the United States

16 people died in the United States in one of the worst Christmas storms in the United States

A winter storm is ravaging the United States, and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are without power on Christmas Eve. Many died as a result of the storm.

The extreme cold and large amounts of snow caused major problems in the United States. This photo was taken in Amherst, New York.

More people may be affected by the power outage, as power companies in many places have to resort to disconnected areas to control the situation. The readiness of the police and fire service is affected by the situation.

Many deaths from hail, car accidents on slippery roads, and other effects of the storm were recorded around the United States. to me CNN Is it about 16 at least.

Outside Buffalo, New York, two people were killed in their home when emergency services did not arrive to help them in heavy snow. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Saturday that Buffalo Niagara International Airport will remain closed through Monday morning. Some roads in the state will be closed until Christmas Day, and according to Hochul, nearly all of Buffalo’s fire trucks are stuck in the snow.

Vehicles involved in a traffic accident in Michigan caused by severe weather.

Snow and cold

The weather over large areas is characterized by snow and extreme cold, and several tens of millions of people are affected in the United States and Canada.

The Canadian Meteorological Institute says the storm is at a level you only see every five or 10 years.

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In the United States, danger warnings have been issued in large parts of the country. More than 200 million people live in areas where danger warnings were issued on Friday.

— it’s one of the most widespread winter danger warnings ever, according to the US Meteorological Institute.

Power outage

Snow, sleet and extreme cold caused power supply problems from Maine to Seattle. One large energy company has notified its 65 million customers that there may be periods of outages.

PJM Interconnection in Pennsylvania says power plants are having problems with the cold and has asked residents in 13 states to avoid unnecessary use of electricity.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, which provides electricity to 10 million people in Tennessee and six contiguous states, asked local power companies to limit blackouts to “ensure the security of the power system.” During Saturday, this was dropped.

The weather caused major problems for all types of traffic. Aviation was also hit hard, and there were many cancellations, lots of waiting lists, and frustration. Here from the airport in Denver on Christmas Eve.

Cold southern states

Even in Southern states that are used to milder winters, it’s now getting cold. In El Paso, Texas affects immigrants. More people gather in churches, schools and other public buildings to find warmth.

However, some choose to stay outside, where the temperature drops to minus 9 degrees, so as not to make the immigration authorities stand on their backs.

In Chicago, Burke Patten of the Night Ministry, which helps the homeless, said they are handing out survival kits like coats, hats, blankets and sleeping bags.

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Hoak Restaurant got its icy decor from the moisture from Lake Eire during the winter storm that has swept across the USA in recent days. Hoak’s is located in Hamburg, New York.

problems for travelers

The storm also caused problems for those going home for Christmas. About 5,700 flights were canceled on Friday, and more were delayed.

We just have to stay positive. Anger doesn’t help us, says Wendell Davis, who is stuck in Chicago on his way home to Cincinnati from France.

The cold also means a slew of sporting events are cancelled. A clip of sports reporter Mark Woodley from Iowa went viral:

– I have good and bad news. The good news is I still get it in my face, the bad thing is I really wish I didn’t, he says.

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