18 year old Trøndelag destroyed by Rosenborg with a dream match – VG

18 year old Trøndelag destroyed by Rosenborg with a dream match - VG

TRONDHEIM (VG) (Rosenborg – Vålerenga 2–2) In 2019, Rosenborg lost the battle of what Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo (54) calls “the greatest talent” he’s seen. October 17, 2021 we put this talent – Tronderin Odin Thiago Holm (18), the nail in the coffin of the RBK gold match.


With a superb shot, right at the fork from outside 16 metres, the 18-year-old smashed the “opening party” with 16,618 spectators at Lerkendale Stadium.

Odin Thiago Holm He was called “Judas” at the time Choose Vålerenga. Now his answer has been given to a Trøndelag audience, who should have actually seen him create this kind of magic in a black and white shirt.

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– That was so much fun. I’ve never played in front of so many spectators, nor in Lerkendale. It is of course special. It was great, says Odin Thiago Holm for VG.

The goal is great and the talent is unquestionable. To get it out, it was wise of him to make the flight from Trondheim to Oslo. He’s the greatest talent I’ve coached, says Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo of Holm for VG.

The match ended 2-2 in Trondheim in a very interesting match, as RBK captain Markus Henriksen was sent off just before the break.

– it’s boring. I disappointed my teammates. An experienced gentleman like me shouldn’t have entered like this. Then I get a well deserved red card. Henriksen says after the match I’m lying down.

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– 50 minutes were too horrible for me. I never think I’ve been walking around the closet so much and crossing my fingers. As a captain, he adds, it’s appropriate to hold your hands in the air.

When Noah Jan Holm fell to the ground in overtime, Rosenborg called for a penalty. They did not understand it.

– They could easily get the penalty at the end, but I saw the other situations with our goal disallowed and what happens to Oldrup before 2-1. Fagermo says about the penalty situation, if we got a corner goal we were supposed to score, and they didn’t get a 2-1 goal, they wouldn’t have won in any way.

Rohit Saji and the referee team left the Lerkendal rug for calls ‘judge j**el’.

He did not pass the interview area after the match.

With nine points for Bodo/Glimt at the top of the table and six points for Molde, Rosenborg’s two sending-offs have been fatal in their last two games.

– I don’t think about it at all, says Agee Hared of the gold match.

VG LIVE: full match report she has.

VIF started better

The home offensive team was retaliating Heavy defeat 1-0 Kristiansund before the national team break. But it was Valringa who got off to the best start at Lerkendal. Energetic and luminous Omar Leoni gave his best left winger performance close to the season, finding Sidi Jata with an accurate post 20 minutes later.

The 18-year-old wasn’t the RBK stopper he found – alone on the field, Vålerenga nodded at the front.

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If there was any remote hope of a gold rush for Rosenborg this fall, the Oslo team had to be defeated at home.

I suddenly remembered the RBKs who got up right after 0-1. Artist Stefano Vecchia prepared for his own song “Ala Andra” on the arena’s loudspeaker system, and he praised the audience with his pass to Erlind Dal Reitan within the 16-metre distance. He hit the thigh of Noah Jan Holm who hit the crossbar. Quarrel return Vekia in the goal.

Then followed the chances of both Dino Islamovic and Markus Henriksen, who came back after breaking an injury. But as the home team’s fans stood on their feet and screamed their full throat for an intense five minutes after the first goal, the “drag” went to Henriksen’s head. The former national team player, who had previously received a yellow card, entered with handles and speed in a duel with Oldrup Jensen offensively on the field.

Number two is clear yellow, almost red by itself. after, after Ligament injuries Since he left the field in Round 2 against Viking with the first, the comeback has been shorter than he had imagined.

Henriksen says he experienced the rest of the match as “horrible” from the locker room.

Another dismissal for Rosenborg, who knocked out Adam Anderson against KBK in the final round.

Art from young boys

Where Vålerenga now had 11 against 10 men, Rosenborg Emil Konradsen had Ceide. The 20-year-old is perhaps the best player in the elite series in one-on-one dribbling situations. And when the visitors shouted at a free kick in front of 16 metres, Per Ciljan Skjelbred grabbed the ball. The timing of the Bundesliga has been more than stick to Ceide. Comet RBK got the ball at the right moment, but he also accelerated, so the VIF defense was left as extras. The shot, across the leg to Näsberg, created one of football’s thirsty roars of the year in the Norwegian stands.

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But Odin Thiago Holm silenced her and called to whistle. Even without the Oslo club being able to win.

The moment he created will remain in the memory for a long time.

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