1,800 anti-war protesters arrested in Russia – VG

1,800 anti-war protesters arrested in Russia - VG

And in a number of cities, the Russians demonstrated on Thursday night against the war in Ukraine. Police arrested 1,818 people in 58 cities, according to the OVD-info website.


And while a number of Russian celebrities, especially athletes, expressed their opposition to the war on social media, thousands of Russians took to the streets Thursday night to protest the invasion of the neighboring country.

according to OVD- Information There were only 1,003 arrested in the capital, Moscow. The site lists 58 cities where people have been transported by police.

Among the detainees is a worker for the Memorial Human Rights Organization.

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Near Pushkin Square in Moscow, about 2,000 people gathered, while up to a thousand people gathered in Saint Petersburg, according to AFP correspondents in Russia.

Among the slogans were “No to war” and “Putin for Nuremberg”. The latter may be a reference to the fact that the leaders of Nazi Germany after the war were convicted at Nuremberg.

Protesters say they are shocked by their country’s decision to go to war with Ukraine.

– I’m in shock. My relatives and loved ones live in Ukraine, says 23-year-old Anastasia Nestolga in Moscow.

Similar letters were received from St. Petersburg.

– I have a feeling that the authorities have gone crazy, says 27-year-old Svetlana Volkova.

Another man shouted, “Who are you fighting?” Putin was arrested after three policemen arrested him and took him away.

Russia has strict laws for demonstrations and protests, which often end in mass arrests.

– I’m embarrassed of my own. To be honest with you, I am speechless. War is always scary. “We don’t want this,” says 30-year-old teacher Nikita Golubev. Watchman.

No to War: A person holds a sign while being arrested by police during a demonstration in Moscow, Russia. The sign says “No to war.”

The Russian authorities had earlier withdrew and warned their citizens not to participate in such demonstrations.

The Investigative Committee, an agency equivalent to the Norwegian police’s investigative division, has warned Russians that participating in unauthorized protests related to the “tense foreign policy situation” could lead to criminal prosecution. They have posted now On her website A message just about this: A case was created about a “threat to police officers” after an “unauthorized demonstration”.

There were also messages, photos and videos from many mass demonstrations in many former Soviet countries such as Georgia and Belarus against the Russian war in Ukraine. According to Reuters, there are also anti-war demonstrations in Berlin, Athens, London and Istanbul. And during the night, Norwegian time, demonstrations took place in several American and Canadian cities. In the morning hours of Friday, there will be images of protests in Asia.

In Lithuania, the NATO country, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union, there are many who fear that the war will spread to them.

Anti-Russian demonstrations also broke out in Norway on Thursday, including in Oslo outside the Russian embassy.

Support: Oslo City Hall is lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag on Thursday afternoon.
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