2022 Car Design Award: – Toyota showcases electric cruiser

2022 Car Design Award: - Toyota showcases electric cruiser

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(Elbil24): These days, Toyota is very busy releasing its new electric car, the bZ4X, which is right in the middle of its most popular class. It is in the form of a crossover, a mixture of a low-passenger car and an SUV for adults. Hence the definition of cross.

At the same time, Toyota won the 2022 Automotive Design Award, and the company received an award during a session at the Milan Furniture Fair recently.

The vehicle they won was the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept car, an electric boxcar with the look of a small Land Cruiser, hence the name Compact Cruiser. But for those of you who suddenly got water in their mouth and shivered in gas feet, we have to put out some fires, before we can kindle some again.

just a concept

As for the Compact Cruiser, it is currently just a concept car. In the past, that meant it was almost like a pure counting fantasy, but that changed over time. Now, car manufacturers are more interested in making cars that make sense than they were in the past. This is also the case with the Compact Cruiser, the car that was premiered from the Mega Web in Tokyo in December.

Then it was one of the many electric cars that Toyota surprisingly showed in a row, with the good news that it will also participate in the electric car race.

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The Compact Cruiser was a parked one, but it just disappeared a bit among all the others. Now, the design price has once again pushed it to the top, but what can we expect from a car like this if it hits the market?

Relationship: The car has genes from the old 40 Series, the FJ Cruiser's throwback.  Photo: Toyota

Relationship: The car has genes from the old 40 Series, the FJ Cruiser’s throwback. Photo: Toyota
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some dream

Well, during the event in December, it was presented as a Toyota Compact Cruiser EV only. In other words, it was not called bZ, like many other cars on display. But Toyota has already released several components that can fit into a vehicle like the Compact Cruiser EV. The base could be based on the e-TNGA platform, and could also inherit the battery and motors from the newcomer bZ4X.

That means 71.4 kWh of usable capacity, and an engine of either 204 or 217.5 horsepower, depending on whether Toyota makes a two- or four-wheel drive.

Both of them will be able to decorate a car like this very well. On the other hand, the body shape is not ideal and streamlined for low consumption, but it is also not the original Land Cruiser, if we want to compare it with it. Here, properties other than counting range, which are accessibility. Then it’s good that Toyota also has good stuff in stock here, because in the bZ4X Toyota launched an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system, with software they call X-Mode. This is similar to the crawl system that we find on the Land Cruiser, a bomb-proof system to guide you through difficult terrain.

the truth

But let us only emphasize that these are only our own fantasies, and have no roots in known reality. Toyota has not revealed the components of the Compact Cruiser EV. During the big reveal in December, they also showed off a variant of the kin, called the bZ Compact SUV. We do not exclude that these two upcoming cars will be on common technologies, just wrapped in two different suits.

One as a more modern SUV, the other as a nostalgic retro version of an early Land Cruiser — but with modern trim.

In this case, it would not be the first time that Toyota has taken such a step, because in the United States they have sold quite well for years the FJ Cruizer, an old copy of the famous 40 Series. Well, you can recognize it when you see it, but here we are talking about the time when liquid fuel seemed to be the only way to get a car moving forward. That time is soon over, and the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV could certainly be yours

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