35,000 complaints about secret spy cameras

35,000 complaints about secret spy cameras

CNN alleges in a new report that Airbnb is failing to protect its guests' privacy, and is violating it in some of the most egregious ways.

Airbnb – “Just a Tech Company”

It's a lawsuit, which has not yet surfaced, that details up to 35,000 customer service requests in which customers complained about hidden cameras in the property, apartment or cabin they rented.

The extent of the matter was not yet known, in part because the company is said to have used a strict set of regulations coupled with mediation with the affected party — it has even been reported that Airbnb should have failed to notify the police even when it should have been entirely clear that something illegal had happened.

A CNN investigation found that Airbnb consistently fails to protect its guests despite hidden cameras being a persistent concern in the industry. Airbnb’s strategies also aim to prevent regulation of the short-term rental market in order to allow the company to distance itself from responsibility for guests’ safety and privacy.


Proposes a change in the law in the United States of America

But thanks to the court, the company was forced to disclose the number of complaints it received in the past ten years, so the number is 35,000.

In Europe, regulations are stricter regarding the liability that Airbnb has to bear, but in the US the company uses Section 230 (which generally provides legal protection for online platforms and service providers for user-generated content). In this way, they are merely operating as a technology company with no responsibility for what happens on the property during the rental period.

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Illinois politician Jan Schakowsky wants Democrats to change regulations so Airbnb can't hide behind 230, but it's impossible to predict if or when that will happen.

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