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On Thursday it went wrong again, When three French skiing tourists died in the mountains just above the municipal center of Lincoln in Lincoln. All three are men over 60 years old.

Last week Died in Weidelsfzgelette as a German citizen in his 30s Further north on the Lincoln Peninsula.

For people living in the alpine landscape of Troms, all dangerous accidents have become a burden. Thousands of skiers come to the area, but not from abroad.

Here you can ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom shore. The Lincoln Peninsula is spectacular, but with its shady sides.

– We have a relentless nature here. If you move on a steep terrain above 30 degrees it is very obvious that there is a certain probability that it will end in death. Unfortunately, this often happens, Lincoln Mayor Dan Howard Johnson said Thursday after the crash.

The municipality is currently developing one Alert SMS solution Overseas skiing tourists against the risk of landslides.

– No surprise

UiT Adun Headland heads the Landslide Skills Center at the Arctic University of Norway.

He is not surprised that serious landslides are happening in Troms now. With as many people Traveling in the mountains and very challenging situationsThe risk is great.

He points out that three things are needed for an avalanche to occur:

You need steep enough mountains, many of which are trams and other parts of the country.

The second layer is snow. That’s the challenge now in Trams.

Someone triggers a third avalanche.

– In most cases, landslides are triggered by people who die in an accident or those who travel with them. So when the snow cover you have today, when there are so many people in the mountains, unfortunately it’s not surprising that things go wrong again and again, says Headland.

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112 people have died in avalanches in Norway in the last 20 years. There were 45 catastrophic accidents in Troms, 16 in Northland, 14 in More Oak Romstall and nine in Svalbard.

The winter of 2019 is the worst landslide winter on trams. A total of 7 people were killed in landslides at that time. At Blåbærtinden in Tamokdalen, Balsfjord, three Finnish and one Swedish skier were trapped in an avalanche on January 2.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

I was taken by myself

Skier Nikolai Schirmer was trapped in an avalanche in Tromso at the end of 2020.

– This led to a new type of fear. Now that I really know how helpless you are in the snow masses, I hope it goes well.

This Easter he is at Tamoktalan for skiing. Challenging snow conditions mean he has no plans to go up the steep terrain.

– Today we are going to take a leisurely walk under the tree line. You have to choose the good and safe days to go up, he explains.

Nikolai Schirmer

Skier Nikolai Schirmer was trapped in an avalanche at the end of 2020. He survived, but says the incident gave him a new kind of fear of avalanches.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

Furthermore, he makes it clear that there is always a certain risk of avalanches when moving on avalanche terrain.

He himself is always waiting for safe times before going to the steep mountains.

– Earlier this week I waited a month to make a trip, Schreimer explains.

Avalanches are a big risk at Easter

At Troms and Finmark, the risk of avalanches is high throughout Easter. Weak and stable ice sheets characterize the region.

– There you have to be calm and stay away from the avalanche landscape and try to enjoy yourself in the slow terrain, says Gustav Place, a geologist at NVE.

He emphasizes that landslides are more likely to occur if you move on steep terrain.

More rain in the northwest and in Trondheim. The risk of avalanches from today is high, combined with weak ice sheets.

In Jotunheimen, Inner Parish and Western Norway, the snow cover continues to be weak. In general, there is challenging snowfall across the country.

– It’s a bad start to Easter and we want people to take it easy, says Bless.

Accidents in Norway over the past 20 winters include:

Winter 2021/2022: 4 people died

Winter 2020/2021: 9 people died

Winter 2019/2020: 4 people died

Winter 2018/2019: 13 people died

Winter 2017/2018: 3 people died

Winter 2016/2017: 2 people died

Winter 2015/2016: 5 people died

Winter 2014/2015: 6 people died

Winter 2013/2014: 9 people died

Winter 2012/2013: 8 people died

Winter 2011/2012: 7 people died

Winter 2010/2011: 13 people died

Winter 2009/2010: 9 people die

Winter 2008/2009: 4 people died

  • Kroken, Tromso, February 2009, 1 skier dies
  • Kirkettagate, Romstalen, March 20091 skier was killed
  • Hiorthfjellet, Svalbard, March 2009, 1 Scooter driver dies
  • Tromstalstint, Tromsey, May 2009, 1 Climber dies

Winter 2007/2008: 3 people die

Winter 2006/2007: 3 people died

Winter 2005/2006: 2 people died

  • Hummined Lincoln, April 2006, 1 skier dies
  • Rana, Sunmore, April 2006, 1 skier dies

Winter 2004/2005: 3 people died

Winter 2003/2004: 4 people died

  • Torfinnstind, Jotunheimen, January 2004, 1 climber died
  • Målselv, Troms, February 2004, 1 hunter dies
  • Crowbreen, Jolster, March 20041 skier was killed
  • Malarton, Svalbard, March 2004, 1 Snowmobile driver dies

Winter 2002/2003: 2 people died

  • Tronfjell, Alvdal, November 2002, 1 skier dies
  • Bisben, Romstalen, January 2003 1 passenger aboard Snowshoes dies

(Source: NGI)

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