5 MHz is enough – ITavisen

5 MHz is enough – ITavisen

“NTDev” “Try things not to do.”

Save energy, get down the clock

We’re glad that, and nice to have in our belt of knowledge, Windows 7 (2009) can actually run on hardware 200 times slower than Microsoft’s official OS requirements, including a 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM. Byte.

It’s nothing compared to CPUs currently closer to 6GHz, but then there’s no need for such a beast either.

I cheated “NTDev” a bit. In order to be able to start the operating system, the person concerned had to make “several optimizations” to run the operating system on a Pentium-S that was heavily clocked by “CPUCLK”.

This includes disabling the login interface and booting the operating system into a disabled “OOBE state”. “OOBE” stands for “out-of-the-box experience.”


After a long time to find the optimal solution, it turned out that the operating system works surprisingly stably and that it is really possible an act The thing is after waiting 28 minutes for startup.

What you should be aware of is that the interface you are used to from Windows is not there (as is the background, because it stole a lot of resources), but you have to start the programs from the terminal window. Of course, a bunch of extra drivers and resources have also been removed, which is also common in modern operating systems like Windows 10 and 11, even with 64GB of RAM and a 5GHz CPU.

Even with almost no megahertz for routing, it’s actually possible to multitask:

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