June 6, 2023


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500,000 liter roof allows flexibility

The nation on October 30 issued a notice as some quota brokers express themselves negatively about the quota cap of 500,000 liters of cow’s milk. They mostly only emphasize the disadvantages of size reduction.

But one of the most important things I learned in agricultural school is that one does not live on a turnover. It’s an after-cost place, like tel.

The robot can probably handle a ration of 600,000 liters and more. But it also has its price. Late milking cows must be euthanized, and one must be in place and excreted as soon as the robot has stopped. Grazing can be largely forgotten, provided that the soil is not completely adjacent to the wall of the barn.

The 500,000 liter cap allows for flexibility. One might accept that the cows are grazing for a while, and not making the most of the robot.

One of the arguments against the reduced quota cap is that it would kill farmers with too much appetite for expansion. 500,000 liters is a very large amount of milk.

There are not many farmers who have soil for this around the doors. The profitability of forage farming declines rapidly as the distance increases. In addition, very few dairy producers have such a large quota. One can save a lot to avoid buying or renting quotas at prices that apply to many cities in the country.

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Norwegian agriculture depends more than ever on consumer confidence. Many working farms and herding cows help maintain this trust. By keeping operations at a lower level, you can have a better time for good animal welfare, good agricultural engineering and maintenance of buildings and machinery.