6 percent say they trust management – E24

6 percent say they trust management - E24

In a membership survey, 37 out of 601 pilots responded that they trust SAS management. A massive crisis of confidence, says the pilot’s captain.


93.8 percent of SAS pilots answered “no” to a question about whether they trusted SAS management past and present.

It appeared in a membership survey conducted by the SAS Pilot Group (SPG) at the end of July, to which E24 was granted access.

622 of about 900 active SAS pilots answered the survey, of whom nearly 50 percent were in Oslo, while about 25 percent were in Copenhagen and Stockholm, respectively.

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amazing “no”

The result was announced to the SAS management about two weeks ago, but according to the SPG, they did not receive a response from the management.

622 active SAS pilots answered the survey, but 21 of them skipped the confidence questions.

This means that 601 pilots answered a question about whether they trust the business model chosen by SAS management.

96.7% answered in the negative.

Another question in the survey is whether the respondent considers that SAS, as the employer under current management, has respected the Scandinavian model and its employees.

98.3% answered in the negative.

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SPG: I’m not surprised

The survey shows a huge crisis of confidence for SAS management. And we can agree with that, says Commander Martin Lindgren at SAS Pilot Group.

There is also a severe lack of confidence in the way SAS management has chosen to go, when 98 percent of our members do not consider SAS to follow the Scandinavian model.

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– Do you want to call it sexy?

both and . The result is not surprising, we have known this for a very long time. We have seen that members have strong opinions about how SAS is managed and how they handle the relationship between staff and management.

Commander Martin Lindgren at the SAS Pilot Group.

It is amazing that there is such a large percentage. The survey was answered by 622 pilots out of about 900 pilots found at SAS, so there is strong frequency, and many have answered that they largely lack confidence.

– We believe that the SAS management underestimated this.

Before the right to re-employment

Scan done NS It became known that pilots who were fired during the pandemic are still unable to exercise their right to re-employment because they believe they have been promised.

About 5,000 employees had to leave, including 560 pilots, of whom about 200 were Norwegians. Those pilots were waiting to be rehired as the pandemic subsided, but had to watch the transfer of SAS operations to subsidiary SAS Connect, where they do not have the same right, according to the administration.

It has led to Demonstrations among fired pilots in Oslo And in Stockholm.

– If the survey were answered today, one might think that confidence would have been lower, if that were even possible, says Lindgren.

– It’s as simple as what SAS is doing now, and it has nothing to do with the Scandinavian job market. This is the opinion of all pilots. This is perfectly representative of the SAS pilots.

Press Manager John Eckhoff at SAS.

SAS: The result of a painful operation

SAS Press Director John Eckhoff confirmed that the administration is aware of the investigation, but believes it is an indirect result of the Corona pandemic.

The survey shows, first and foremost, that it is a painful process of laying off 5,000 employees, including just over 500 pilots, Eckhoff wrote in an email to E24.

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At the same time, the SAS does not agree that such a large proportion of the experimental stable lacks confidence in management.

“The fact that a group of employees has this attitude toward management is an image in which we are not aware of ourselves and is not reflected in employee SAS surveys,” says Eckhoff.

The SAS press officer was also asked how SAS management would return active pilots to the same team, and how seriously the pilots had no confidence in SAS management.

– SAS follows the agreements made, and all our employees in Scandinavia have Scandinavian terms. Management is now prioritizing ensuring the best possible flight offer for Scandinavian customers and providing the remaining jobs at SAS. We do this, among other things, through dialogue with the empirical associations, which are now called to negotiations, writes Eckhoff.

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