70 mm of rain in a single day.

70 mm of rain in a single day.

Southern Norway and eastern Norway will see heavy rain from Wednesday evening into Friday. Localized flooding may occur at many places.

Large amounts of rain can again lead to stormwater runoff and localized flooding.

A low depression from the North Sea will bring heavy rain to parts of southern Norway over the next few days. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for heavy rain in southern Norway and eastern Norway.

In Sørlandet, heavy rainfall was reported from Wednesday evening to Thursday. Meteorologists believe that 70 millimeters of rain is possible in the next 24 hours. In some places there may be more.

Meteorologists are still not sure where the heaviest rain will fall in southern Norway. Strong winds are also likely in coastal areas. Light to strong storms were reported along the coast from Lindesnes to the Swedish border.

In eastern Norway, showers were reported from Thursday to Friday. 40-60 mm of rain is expected within a day. At some places, 10-15 mm of rain can fall within an hour.

– Stormwater may be present, especially in built-up areas, where water does not drain as easily, says meteorologist Martin Granerod.

He advises people to clean gutters, especially if you’ve experienced rainwater in the past.

Eastern Norway has been hit by floods several times since August.

Eastern Norway has been hit by floods several times since August.

New flood warning

A yellow flood warning has also been issued by Norway’s Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) for the fresh round of rain. This notice is First round Hardangerfjord and Agder south of western Norway and after that For Innlandet, Viken, Telemark and Vestfold and Oslo regions.

– Localized flooding is possible, says hydrologist Elin Langsholt of the NVE Flood Warning Service.

He says it’s not about the level of water during Storm Hans. But water levels in the Great Lakes are already high. Before you end up at the yellow level again, it can’t withstand too much precipitation.

Even less pressure

In the coming week, southern Norway can expect more low pressure activity.

– Occasional showers, but we can also get milder weather. Granerod says it could be sunny on Friday or Saturday.

The temperature will be relatively high up to 17-18 degrees. Low pressures bring warm and moist air from the south.

In the slightly longer term, the weather may be a bit drier, but that’s still a bit away, so it’s highly uncertain.

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