«71 degrees N – the harshest celebrity in Norway»

«71 degrees N - the harshest celebrity in Norway»

On Sunday, the stage is set again for the season premiere of The Discovery Show “71 degrees N – the harshest celebrity in Norway”.

The original, that is, the version without celebrities, of the program has not been broadcast on television since 2020. Among the participants this year are: Thomas Nome, Chawi Bagua, Celia Nimoen and Cecilia Brickhaus.

Sunday’s premiere was watched by a total of 314,000 viewers – 253,000 watched the show on Norway TV, and 61,000 watched it on the Discovery Plus streaming service.

Fear of the heart: 71 Degrees North co-host Celia Niemoen defied a doctor’s advice not to join the program. Video: Red Carpet / Discovery +
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When the show aired in January, it gathered 463,000 viewers. At the time, the ratings was the third-best premiere in the celebrity version of “71 Degrees North.”

This year’s premiere gathered a total of 314,000 viewers. That’s a drop of about 150,000 viewers.

Campaigns List this year’s viewership first.

– It takes a week

Discovery’s director of communications, Hanne McBride, says the 2020 “71°N” season has received very high ratings, and that it takes a lot to top it off. She also says that the new viewing habits make the premiere numbers secondary, because there will be more viewers during the week.

– I wouldn’t be surprised if this week’s premiere total viewership is closer to last year than it seems so far, says McBride Dagbladet.

«71 degrees north – team»: These are the celebrities taking part in the new concept where two people and two compete against each other. Video: Stephen Petersen. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Clip: Selena Morkin
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She’s also very pleased that “71 Degrees North” is still on screen — 21 years after its premiere. According to McBride, the show is one of the world’s longest-lived reality concepts

One of TVNorge’s biggest successes, Format 71 set new viewership records in late 2020, 21 years after it premiered on the same channel in 1999, says McBride.

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Successful concept

Mediacom’s television director, Marianne Maceió, believes “71°N” will have higher viewership throughout the season.

“71°N” has been a successful concept of discovery for many years. I would say it still is. As always, it’s exciting to see if the program increases throughout the season, and how many are being aggregated digitally, Maceió told Dagbladet.

afraid: It’s not just about getting out into the Norwegian nature. This year’s “71°N – Celebrity” participants fear this. Video: The red carpet
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You think Discovery is happy with the viewership numbers so far.

– The proportion of those streaming this type of program is generally increasing. Just like with broadcasting in general. So perhaps Discovery is very happy with the overall numbers so far.

new concept

In early September, See and Hear . wrote There will be a new season of «71 degrees north».. A season a little different from what viewers already knew.

In Team 71 Degrees North, four celebrity couples will battle their way through challenging experiences in the Norwegian nature, by completing a continuous trail.

– We are already in the process of producing a program next spring, which will be an innovation in the “71°N” world. Teams compete against each other within the allotted time, and the two celebrities who withstand the most and cooperate best win, thus only reaching the last checkpoint, says McBride.

«71 degrees north – team»: These are the celebrities taking part in the new concept where two people and two compete against each other. Video: Stephen Petersen. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Clip: Selena Morkin
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Celebrity couples on the season include host John Almas (54) and comedian Adam Schulberg (39), and influencers Vita (29) and Wanda (29) Machadi. Training influences Victoria Tolas (21), as she collaborates with YouTube profiler and podcaster Safari Shabani (24), and former skater Thomas Alsgaard (49) fights in teams with journalist and adventurer Elisa Røtterud (42).

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battle plan

This season, host John Almas returns to the realm of “71 Degrees North,” having escaped with a win two years ago on the celebrity version of the show.

However, Se og Hør told earlier this month that things didn’t go smoothly at the time, but this year he has a battle plan to reclaim his second win.

winner: Finally, it was comedian Henrik Elfstad who got away with the “71 Degrees North – Celebrity” win earlier this year. Video: Discovery +
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– I don’t have a lot of counting edges on the really private stuff, but I don’t want to make any hasty conclusions. The problem was the last time at “71 degrees N,” people wanted to start walking, and I also said, “Can’t we figure out where to go first?” He said the sin to see and hear about the previous participation.

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