71 degrees north, 71 degrees north celebrities

71 degrees north, 71 degrees north celebrities

It’s been a short journey for Anne-Marit Juvalli (63), known as Anima, in this year’s season of “71 Degrees North” – Norway’s most powerful celebrity.

In the first leg, specifically after 75 metres, the 63-year-old player was forced to break serve after experiencing problems, before she later chose to withdraw from the competition.

-It was so much fun to be a part of. I wish I could have stayed there longer, Yuvali told Netavicin about going out.

But despite only getting a short run on the programme, the 63-year-old didn’t go home completely empty-handed. The clothes and equipment that participants get for the stages they must also keep.

However, Anima didn’t seem to have any other use for the equipment in the house.

“Some of them are used, but most of them are new.”

The TV profiler put much of the equipment she received on the show up for sale on Finn.no.

“Some are used, but mostly new. It was used on 71 Degrees North Celebrity by me personally.” Type your TV profile into it Advertising.

Everything from lingerie and luxury shoes to sleeping mats and sleeping bags will be on sale. Yuvali also has the briefs on sale.

He’s simply pretending that TV Profile doesn’t want to have anything to do with “71 Degrees North” anymore.

– Yes, I was the one who published it, Yuvali tells Netavisin.

-I don’t use all that equipment anymore. I won’t go to Nordkapp again, you see, it continues.

According to the 63-year-old woman, she will go on a trip to Turkey soon and needs money for the trip there. However, she won’t get rid of everything.

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-I need him for fishing trips and the like.

So, it’s not like you’ve developed a complete aversion to tourist life after “71 Degrees North”?

– no I did not. She says: It’s the combination of travel and Caroline Netter perfume that I don’t like.

I got migraines from perfumes

The scent of perfume that Yuvali refers to is the perfume that his fellow program participant, Caroline Netter (24 years old), used during the first stage.

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Yuvali, who is allergic to perfumes, had an allergic reaction that led, among other things, to severe headaches which was the factor that prompted the 63-year-old to leave the competition.

“I never thought in my wildest imagination that people would bring perfumes with them on a trip, so it never occurred to me to say that I am allergic to perfumes when it comes to allergens,” she told Netavisen.

– Then we stood in a very small room before the trip started, and Caroline didn’t know I was allergic, but then she sprayed herself with perfume. She recalls that it only took a few seconds from the time she sprayed the small ten-square-metre room until she sat up with that headache and the nausea began.

Combined with warm clothes and heavy equipment, it became difficult for Yuvali to complete the stage, and in Sunday’s episode it emerged that the 63-year-old actually had to leave the competition as a result of problems that arose before the start of the stage. a tour.

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