71 degrees north celebrity celebrity

71 degrees north celebrity celebrity

This fall, ten new celebrities have the opportunity to learn about what is often referred to as “the most beautiful adventure of autumn,” that is, “71 degrees north.” The aim of the competition is to be left with the title of “Norway’s Most Powerful Celebrity” – not least a brand new car.

This year’s participants consist of everything from athletes and TV profiles to artists and actors, all of whom are familiar faces.

Often with a celebrity face comes a relatively steady income, as many celebrities have many other projects along with their TV involvement. In addition, they get paid to participate in the program – but how much they get is unknown.

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What is known, however, is how much “71°N” celebrities have earned in the past. The 2021 tax rolls won’t be published until December, but Nettavisen has had access to the 2020 tax rolls. They show significant differences in income.

Two million

Vigard Yelvesacker, 43, was the highest-earning ’71°N’ celebrity of the year in 2020, according to tax figures.

Ylvis’s beloved and popular brother then earned NOK 4,098,927, roughly the same amount as the previous year when he was listed with a total income of NOK 4,093,312.

The next man on the list, 34-year-old doctor Kaveh Rashidi, saw a significant increase from 2019 to 2020.

While the income of the 34-year-old was 2,712,595 NOK in 2019, this increased in 2020 by nearly one million NOK to 3,466,855 NOK. However, in 2019, his fortune was just over four million kronor – while in 2020 it was zero.

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double your income

Ylvisåker and Rashidi were the only entrants this year to earn 1 million salary in 2020. However, Jørgen Evensen (31 years old) wasn’t too far behind, with his income coming in at NOK 869,067 in the same year.

However, the highest-grossing Ylvisåker earned six times as much in 2020 from the fourth-best 71°N entrant artist Silje Halstensen (32) – known to many as Bendik.

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The 32-year-old artist is listed with an income of NOK 681,809, double the previous year. However, she also recorded a fortune of NOK 881,122 two years ago.

Fritz Anas (44) earned NOK 533,592 in 2020, while presenter Line Andersen (49) is listed with an income of NOK 515,656. Aanes’ income at the time was about the same as in 2019, while Andersen’s income is down slightly from 734,972 the year before.

Aanes also had a fortune of about 500,000 in both years.

Fetisha Williams (28) was listed with an income of 433,040 NOK two years ago. It was nearly double from the previous year, when she earned NOK 242,540. Since then, Williams has become more prominent on TV, so it’s possible that his income has increased even more since then. Among other things, she took part in a “cooking camp”, and now “71 degrees north”.

Unknown in 2020

At the bottom of the 2020 income statement, we find Ida Njåtun (31), Christian Priinhoved (23) and Trin Lise Olsen (46).

Njåtun was subsequently listed with an income of NOK 208,415, but the ski star’s fortune was at the same time NOK 780,271.

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On the other hand, Olsen is listed with an income of NOK 65,965 in 2020, and Brianhoved earned NOK 14,730 in the same year.

Brennhovd also made his reality debut on “Ex on the Beach” in 2020, and was a completely unknown name prior to appearing on TV on the much talked about show. Since then, the 23-year-old has appeared in several TV productions and garnered a strong following on social media, so the numbers for 2021 – now coming out in December – are likely to show even more.

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