May 29, 2023


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«71 degrees north - team»:

«71 degrees north – team»:

In February, it all started The first season of ‘The 71 Degrees North Team’ rolls out on Norwegian TV. In the all-new concept, eight celebrity participants join forces as a couple and compete against each other in a cross-country race.

Husbands have He made his way through difficult natural terrain and faced a number of challengesWhich led to intense quarrels, drama and tears.

On Sunday, the stage is finally set for the grand final. The pairs who stayed and fought for the first place are Elisa Rotrod (42) and Thomas Alsgaard (50), as well as John Almas (54) and Adam Schgulberg (40).

tears: She tears when a participant collapsed during tonight’s episode of 71 Degrees North – Team. Video: Luna Leah / Discovery +
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– That’s so sad

From the village of Flørli, the couples had to paddle the fjord along the way, as they also had to answer a number of questions along the way.

In the end, it was all about getting to the beach and getting there as quickly as possible, then fighting through the heavy turns all the way to Øygardstølen, where the winners would be chosen.

After a long and difficult final stage, Elisa Rotterode and Thomas Alsgaard finally escaped with the win.

– It was great fun. ‘I think it’s too sad to have done,’ cried Rotterd, when it became clear to her that they had won.

Won: Elisa Rotrud and Thomas Alsgaard won the first season for the

Won: Elisa Rotrud and Thomas Alsgaard won the first season for the “71 Degrees North” team. Photo: Haakon Lundqvist
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– I think it was exciting. Many cute and varied tasks and challenges. I like that it has passed in that time, not so many rest days and transfer days. Al-Shabd said it was good.

When asked what it was like to be on the team during the residency, he answered the following:

– It was tough, it was tough then, but now we’re here. So it’s good to take a break now.

– It doesn’t mean much

Regarding the victory, Dagbladet spoke to Røtterud, who could say it wasn’t really that important to win.

– I thought I’d be very happy to get first place, but in retrospect it’s the experiences and a lot of friendship that are much appreciated. So the number one spot in ’71’ doesn’t mean much to me, to be perfectly honest, she said, adding:

Overcome: After a long and difficult journey, the winning couple can finally celebrate victory.  Photo: Haakon Lundqvist

Overcome: After a long and difficult journey, the winning couple can finally celebrate victory. Photo: Haakon Lundqvist
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– The final stage was incredibly long in the widest known world. We were incredibly tired, but then mentally prepared to put a stop to it.

– Did you realize that you will win when you solve the last task?

– Yes we did. I realized that Adam and John were too far away from us, carrying that box was too heavy, and Thomas was ready to win. But when we answered wrongly on one of the tasks, I thought it was very interesting, and I thought that if they caught us, it would be good TV.

withdrawal: One of the participants withdraws from the 71°N team. Video: Luna Leah / Discovery +
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– What do you think of the cooperation between you and Thomas?

Our cooperation was fun. He is a former singles athlete and took it very seriously, while I saw more fun and enjoyment in him. Because it was the rules that got changed all the time, and if I won a stage, the team had to wait a quarter of an hour and start at the end. So I took it less and less seriously. But Thomas really wanted to win at all costs.

– You don’t have a connection

From the previous episodes, it happened several times Hot ball between Røtterud and AlsgaardAnd cooperation between them gradually broke off, despite the fact that it started well.

Røtterud now reveals what the weather is like between them today.

– We don’t have contact today. It stays with us in the group. We had very good contact with the other participants and attended many nice dinners, but need not comment on anything beyond that.

In familiar fashion, the winners of the “71°N” world will receive a car as a prize. Admittedly, it’s not just winning a car together, and Røtterud reveals how it will be distributed.

– I decided to buy Thomas, so I took the car.

Taken on the bed: Elisa Rotter didn’t understand much when her partner Thomas Alsgaard “picked up” while on a ’71 Degrees North Team’ trip. Video: Red Carpet / Discovery +
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Dagbladet has been in contact with Marianne Aambø, Discovery’s chief communications adviser, who reported that Thomas Alsgaard did not want to answer questions about the case.

When Ambo asked her if the production was involved in the award distribution, she replied:

The winning team gets a Toyota car, then it’s up to them how to manage the prize. We do not indulge in it.

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