777 waterfalls in Telialigaen

777 waterfalls in Telialigaen

– I think it will be a fairly easy match, were the words of 777 Snorre “flitch” Granerud coach before Monday’s main game against VOID.

The former AWP player should definitely be right in predicting when the VOID was swept off the field with the numbers 16-1 and 16-6 on Nuke and Overpass respectively.

– We passed the match yesterday without any problems. We had slightly higher expectations of VOID, but it’s possible that their nerves were on, says Jonathan “Reuter” Reuter of the 777.

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don’t take off

– I think what we encountered was a little nervous void who didn’t dare go to the things they normally do. They gave us a lot of respect and space, which we took full advantage of.

We must first get through the semi-finals, which we have always managed to cling to before we think about anything else. Regardless, it shouldn’t be any worse than that we have to talk and play together well.

What are the weaknesses in the team that the Norwegian teams do not take advantage of?

I cannot reveal our weaknesses. They just need to know when “H4RR3” has AWP and command contact without grenades. Reuter jokes that he often sleeps from corners.

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– The next match here will have a lot to say

Sander “Spredd” Hjortland was in VOID, naturally frustrated after the match against 777. He tells a bit about what he thinks went wrong on Monday night.

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We tend to stress a lot and not play our game in official matches. At the same time, they were simply the better team, says Hjortland.

What challenges do you think you should work with?

– Definitely to keep our nerves in check and just focus on our own game. We quickly lose confidence and become a bit “shaky”.

The VOID player still believes there is hope of salvaging his place in the last three settlements and highlights the upcoming match against Metizport as a very important settlement.

– I definitely think it’s possible for us to save space. Hjortland concludes there will be a lot to say next game here, but I have faith.

This is what the table looks like after the sixth round of the series.


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