98% of Louisville victims are fully vaccinated – NRK Norway – News overview from around the country

98% of Louisville victims are fully vaccinated – NRK Norway – News overview from around the country

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– Omigron has excellent dispersion properties. The vaccine may seem somewhat less effective against the spread of infection than the delta variant, says Elizabeth Henny Matslian, who led the mission at FHI.

Half came with the flu

The FHI has asked 117 participants at the Christmas table, in collaboration with the Oslo Municipality, about the symptoms they experienced. 111 of the participants responded.

A total of 65 participants were confirmed to have Omigran, and 15 were at risk of infection. One of the participants suffered from delta variability.

According to the study, 99% of victims report one or more of the following symptoms:

Elizabeth Matson

Elizabeth Henny Matslian of the FHI co-chaired the Oslo Municipality with the investigation into the explosion.

Photo: FHI

– Almost everyone has some kind of symptoms. These are mild symptoms by definition, but for example 50 percent of cases report the flu, so this is a finding, says Matslian.

The FHI insists there were no signs of serious illness among those affected by Lewis in November. But the participants at the Christmas table were younger people with a lower risk of serious illness.

The Institute considers the Christmas table to be a high-risk organization for the spread of infection, with long-term close contact on the inside.

Many people who have not been infected have been vaccinated with the modern virus

The study also shows that a proportion of those who are not infected have been vaccinated against modern disease.

Of those who received the two-dose vaccine, 41/75 received Pfizer and 17/75 received Moderna.

The corresponding figures in the non-infectious group were 7/25 for Pfizer and 12/25 for Moderna.

– We find that the proportion of victims who are vaccinated against Pfizer is higher than those who are not infected, says Matslian.

He emphasizes that the figures are too small and too uncertain to make clear conclusions about the effectiveness of vaccines against the Omigran variant.

– If you look at stocks, there is a definite difference. But now we think it’s too thin to make big decisions out of it.

The NIPH and Oslo Municipality then plan to pursue the victims with a new survey.

Received much attention

The eruption after the Christmas table at the DS Louis restaurant in Oslo on November 26 was one of the earliest and best documented mass infection cases with the Omigron variant.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has experienced great international interest in the results of the explosion investigation. Preliminary findings are published in the journal Today Euro tracking.

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