A 15-year-old has been shot dead in Sweden – and three others have been hospitalised

A 15-year-old has been shot dead in Sweden – and three others have been hospitalised

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Swedish police reported that four people were shot dead in the Varsta district, south of Stockholm. Two people were arrested after a car chase.


After some time, it became known that one person had died and the other three were injured.

A fifteen-year-old boy died. Police state in a press release.

According to the information Aftonbladet One or more of the perpetrators must have fired an automatic weapon. The wounded were found in three different places adjacent to the field. Two were found outside an underground station, one outside a church and the other in Larsbodavägen, says police spokesman Tawi Haag.

After the shooting, several areas in Varsta were cordoned off, and the subway did not stop at Varsta Central Station for a long time. The purpose was to prevent the perpetrators from leaving the area.

In total, seven people have been shot in greater Stockholm in the past 24 hours. In addition to the four in Farsta, two were shot in Solna and one in Jordbro on Friday evening.

He was arrested after a car chase

At 19:00 the police reported that two people had been arrested in Järna. It must have happened after what Aftonbladet refers to as an “intense car chase” along the E4 road. Both detainees are said to be men in their twenties and the police are said to have found automatic weapons in the car.

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spiral of violence

There have been a number of very serious shootings in Stockholm in the past year. In January, Stockholm police officer Philip Bellas opened up about escalating gang violence in an interview with VG.


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