June 8, 2023


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A British naval employee found dead in Stockholm

British War: HMS Albion, here in a file photo during a mission in Vietnam in 2018.

Four were arrested, but were again released.


Police have launched an investigation after a British Royal Navy guest was found dead at a home in Stockholm Sky News.

Four people, including a 20-year-old Briton, were arrested but have since been released.

Two Swedish men and a Swedish woman were also arrested.

– We have been notified of an accident in Sweden that resulted in the death of a soldier, says the British Navy.

– We are helping the local authorities, and we have no further comment.

The Royal Navy took part in an exercise simulating the invasion of the Swedish coast, an exercise that took place between 17 April and 11 May.

Dubbed Aurora, the military exercise was the largest in the Swedish context for more than 25 years. It was commanded by the British naval ship HMS Albion, and also involved forces from France, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania as well as Swedish and British forces.

Express He writes that the deceased was part of the crew of HMS Albion, and that he was found in Solna north of the city center after an evening on the town with several Swedes.


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