June 10, 2023


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A car accident leads to a fight with iron bars in Namsos

What started with a right-of-way violation quickly escalated into a violent clash on Tuesday. During the incident, the police were ordered to arm.

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At 18.13, police in Trøndelag responded to several reports of a fight in Namsos.

Action manager Svein Erik Wagnild said that breach of duty and a small conflict led to a sharp escalation of the situation.

– This led to a fight between the drivers, after which other family members came and intervened. Two were sent to the hospital and three to the emergency room. They weren’t seriously hurt, Wagnild said.

He says the police patrol was ordered to arm itself after receiving information that two steel bars were involved in a fight.

— Two iron rods have been seized, Wagnild says.

According to him, a total of at least seven people were involved and all are being taken for questioning.

Several people called the police to report the incident, and police rushed to the scene and brought the situation under control, according to Wagnild.

– Now we try to find out a bit and inquire about what exactly happened. It was a struggle before we calmed them down, but we got them to the hospital and the emergency room, says the operations manager.

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