May 29, 2023


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A clear message from the doctor after a terrifying weekend

A clear message from the doctor after a terrifying weekend

The desperation of assistant clinic director Marian Reimers in the reception department at Hauckland University Hospital that workers on the weekend in a few hours went from 70 to 60 per cent after illness and strict quarantine rules.

– I can’t catch all the rules that come in one day, because I just have to find people who can take over the guards.

Avoid risks

This weekend, Reimers himself served as chief medical officer for patients with coronavirus, disease, and injuries. She has an urgent prayer for difficult weeks ahead:

Avoid what you know you should have done. Take it easy, don’t risk falling down a slippery slope, eat well but don’t drink too much.

There is no place for all patients

Doctors prescribe a kneeling health care system. Reimers points out that it’s not just about infection control measures, but also that most people act wisely to avoid infections that require significant resources from the health care system. In the reception department on Friday, there was no room for everyone, several hours waiting for the doctor.

QUEUE: If you end up in the reception department, you will have to wait a long time. Photo: Matthias Cleveland

“I just spoke to a patient who’s been waiting for two hours and hasn’t gotten to a bed yet,” explains Reimers, who walks with cramped steps in front of patients who have to wait in the hallway.

bad feeling

– It feels bad when you don’t have time for everyone. We will provide safe health services, but now we are fighting fires, trying to find people and we don’t have enough time for everyone.

To avoid even greater stress, she urged us to be extra careful.

Enjoy your time, meet others but do it calmly and carefully. Do not take big excesses, but go home early and carefully.

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