A clear message: – Switch to winter tires!

A clear message: - Switch to winter tires!

Already halfway through October, the cold has gained a foothold across the country. The night before Sunday, Reina’s temperature was nine degrees below zero, and a snowstorm had swept northern Norway for several days.

The week begins with pleasant weather in the south and continued snowfall in the north, while Tuesday’s winds and rain fall across the country.

In the east, west and south it will rain, and it will snow on Troms and Finnmark, while Nordland lies on the border between snow and rain.

And on Wednesday there will be a lot of snow and strong winds in the north, and forecasters announce strong winds on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wind blowing in both the interior and exterior regions in the north. The weather will be fresh, so to speak, says Stom Geo’s duty meteorologist, Olav Krogsæter.

– Switch to winter tires

For the southern parts of the country, there will be rain in western Norway and stay in eastern Norway. On Thursday, rain will continue in the west, but due to lower temperatures, freezing rain may occur north of Diaspora.

In short, there will be a lot of strong winds and different weather in the next few days. In fact, only Monday will be nice, otherwise the weather will be a lot more windy, says Krogsatter.

He says the weather will be better in southern and eastern Norway on Friday, while the rest of the country will be windy. Precipitation has a price: slippery roads and traffic problems.

Switch to winter tires, if you haven’t already, that’s clear advice from a meteorologist.

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This weekend several drivers had problems on the Hardangervidda, after snowy weather came suddenly for those with summer tyres.

Winter is here to stay

Because while southern Norway still has to wait for skiing, many mountainous regions and northern parts of the country already have a lot of snow. The measuring station on Mount Mannen i Romsdalen recorded 77 cm of snow, while Bjorli Northwest Gudbrandsdalen and Strynefjell both measured 7 cm.

Finnmarksvidda has 20-30 cm of snow, and Glomfjord in Nordland has a height of 44 cm.

– There you may be able to take sleds in some places now, says the meteorologist, and predicts a long season for the inhabitants of the north of the country:

Perhaps winter has come to stay in the north.

He says there is no snow on the way to the Oslo area immediately, but he also advises drivers in and around the capital to switch to winter tyres.

– A clear night now freezes easily even if there is no snow in the far south immediately.

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