January 28, 2023


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Annika Sælid

A complete rift in the karate community – federations blame each other – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

I am an artist, not someone who works for something. I just want to compete. I think it is very sad, especially after two years of Corona. Now is another year that could be wasted for something we can’t do, Sælid says of the situation.

Sælid is a karate practitioner and has committed to parents on this issue. Mam Tyne Slade is a deputy board member of the Norwegian Karate Federation, while Abe Jard Andre Slade is one of the coaches in the federation.

As NRK reported in January, he Norwegian Karate Practitioners Arrested To participate in all international competitions organized by the International Karate Federation (WKF).

The reason is that the clubs of the martial arts federations practice methods that are not approved by the International Karate Federation (WKF). Therefore, Norwegian karate practitioners are not allowed to compete as usual.

Responses: Annika Sælid thinks the situation of karate in Norway is sad.

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This led to someone in the karate community creating a new private federation on their own initiative to be able to send Norwegian athletes to international competitions.

But then the Norwegian Martial Arts Association took action.

– can destroy

The Martial Arts Association believes that the Norwegian Karate Association is a competition organization and therefore clubs must choose the particular federations they will be members of.

It was approved at the association’s board of directors meeting.

They refer to NIF § 14-6, which states:

“… the board of directors of a private association may deprive the organizational members and members of the organizational members affiliated with the NIF of the right to engage in or participate in competing activities through participation, membership or cooperation with other legal entities.”

Sælid has joined the Norwegian Karate Association, but is still a member of the Martial Arts Association. She expects to be fired from the latter.

Incredibly cheap mode

The 20-year-old will face his last European Junior Championships in June. She thinks there was a lot of politics among the unions.

I don’t think it’s fair for adults to continue like this. This WKF license will not be returned to the Martial Arts Association immediately. It can ruin the entire rookie career for youngsters. She says it is very sad that they are forcing us to choose drastically.

Adrian Lopez hopes to be a part of the European Grand Prix later in May. He is a member of the Sarpsborg Karate Club, which sided with the Norwegian Martial Arts Association in the conflict.

I am waiting for an answer on what will happen in the future. I am fully aware that I do not want to get involved in politics and therefore do not take sides in this matter. The only thing I want is a solution where we can compete freely, because this is a very difficult situation for the athletes. Personally, I hope we can come to a proper solution as soon as possible, Lopez writes in an email to NRK.

They accuse each other

The Karate Association wrote in a press release that practitioners are being placed in an “impossible situation” when they now have to choose an association.

The association calls it “virtual sabotage” of practitioners.

Kjell Sievertsin

Responses: The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Karate Federation, Kjell Sivertsen, believes that karate practitioners are being placed in an impossible situation.

It is not right for athletes to affect them. They can’t say that not Beyond the practitioners, they still say they (the practitioners) should choose, says Kjell Sivertsen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Karate Federation.

The strange thing is that you are not allowed to be a member of two unions. It was just missing, he continues.

The head of the MMA, Tori Bigseth, acknowledges that many athletes face a difficult situation they would like to be without.

At the same time, he does not recognize subversive properties.

I would say this is the wrong angle. We chose to say that they should choose between us and the Karate Federation. We did this because it’s an organization that was set up with the intent of taking on a position once held by the Martial Arts Association, Bigseth tells NRK.

Do you understand that it is difficult for athletes and clubs to choose?

We have a great understanding of that. We have spoken to many clubs and they are not sure what to do. It’s a very boring situation.

He receives criticism from clubs

But there are many critical voices of the Karate Federation. In an open letter, four karate clubs claim that the Karate Federation is using participation in the Junior and Senior European Championships as leverage to obtain new members.

The clubs behind the message are Mizuchi KK, Sarpsborg KK, Sportskarate Drammen and Skedsmo KK.

The Norwegian Martial Arts Association does not prohibit athletes from participating in tournaments. If someone is banned from participating, then, as we can see, it is with the Norwegian Karate Federation and the WKF, they write in the letter.

At the same time, the clubs note that Kjell Sivertzen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Karate Federation, was president of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation until 2021.

Sivertsen read the letter. He admits to NRK that his exclusion from WKF is a consequence of decisions made by him and the previous administration.

– I did it with the understanding that we could do it within the rules of the WKF, and it was with the best of intentions to have a greater scope for karate. When it turns out that WKF doesn’t accept these patterns, we just have to apologize and say it was the wrong decision. He says but then we have to turn around.

The experience of karate clubs is that participation in the European Championships through the Karate Federation is a means of pressure. Is this true?

– WKF clarified that members of the Norwegian Karate Federation can participate in the European Championships. But they must belong to a club that is a member. These are their rules. We could have been flexible, but those are WKF rules.

Gunnar Nordahl, now a board member of the Karate Federation, responded to the criticism.

Nordahl is vice president of the WKF.

– WKF is of course interested in the Norwegian participation, but it will hardly provide special conditions for Norway after its experience with the Martial Arts Association, Nordahl wrote in a letter on Karate Association website.

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