June 10, 2023


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A couple: – I haven’t seen a single episode

This week saw the first episodes of a brand new season of the hit TV show, ‘Sommerhytta’.

Four couples are ready to enter the competition to win their summer home – this year in Myllatunet in Nordmarka in the municipality of Lunner. One of the couples who will provide iron for the next 10 weeks is Eli Rebecca Haugen (24) and Benjamin Martinsen (25).

– It was probably the hardest

– embarrassed

It was a coincidence that they ended up on the reality show.

– In the beginning, it may have been your sister who tagged us in a Facebook post encouraging us to apply for “Sommerhytta”. Maybe it was because you originally intended to buy a cabin with some friends, and then nothing happened anyway, says Haugen, addressing his girlfriend.

Patrick Gertsen-Hernes and Heidi Stanggort reveal they have split. Correspondent: Hanna Taugbul. Video: Nora Skafog
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– so we signed up and thought ‘well, it won’t be us after all’.

Martinsen chuckled softly and laughed.

– I was not allowed to write the application. Eli wrote it as if it were me, so the recording was quite awkward.

- it was indicated

– it was indicated

On the other hand, a cohabiting couple can admit that they asked for something that they weren’t prepared for before they even applied to be part of the program.

– We didn’t watch a single episode of “Sommerhytta” when we signed up, so it’s extra fun, laughs Haugen.

– I got a “setback”

The first week is over, and the four couples have already spent a few episodes building paint for the entrance. It was quite a challenge, Hugen and Martinsen say, because they had never done it before.

Production had to step in for the first week on “Sommerhytta”. Correspondent: Hanna Taugbul. Video: Nora Skavog, TV2 / “Summerhita”
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– It was totally weird at first as it was like “Here’s a lot of boards and screws, make paint!”. We’d never done that before, so it was pretty weird, laughs Hougen and adds:

– But it’s weird how far I’ve come with Google and drills, and all of a sudden we have paint.

Admittedly, the paint didn’t work on the first try, and the couple learned early on the importance of precision.

Confirm breach prior to premiere

Confirm breach prior to premiere

– We had a problem with the tiling where we measured incorrectly, and then it started cutting – we had twelve or thirteen tables that needed to be changed, Martinsen explains.

– It was crazy then and there. We got a “setback” that we didn’t need at the time.

Haugen adds with a laugh:

Rest for the winners in

Break for the winners of “Sommerhytta”

– We were supposed to be very clever and get a ‘clean’ line at the end of the paint, and then I go for five minutes and Benjamin starts cutting…but I have to say I said that ‘just cut there, then everything will be alright’ Alright,” but she didn’t.

Despite this, the pair landed their first gold hammer of the season near the end of the week.

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