A dream day in Marka

A dream day in Marka

With both glorious sunshine and good skiing, the stage was set for a dream day in Oslomarka on Saturday. The Meteorological Department has said that we will see more of the same in the coming week.

Ailsa Crowe and Leanda Rathmell moved to Oslo nine and 18 months ago. They are satisfied with winter this year.

On Saturday, several of the most important ingredients for a good winter day are present at Frognerseteren in Oslo: good skiing conditions, brilliant sun and blue skies after Thursday and Friday’s snowfall.

Ailsa Crowe and Leanda Rathmell sit outside the Frognerseteren cafe enjoying the winter sun.

Grove is Scottish and has been living in Norway for nine months. She brags about the winter we’ve had.

– Cold and sunny days like this never happen in Scotland. You get a real winter here, she says.

At the top of the corkscrew are Stina Larsson, Greta Karlsson, Annevie Karlsson, Sway Karlsson, Eda Karlsson, Emilia Karlsson, Björn Larsson and Emma Larsson.

The Swedes are also satisfied with the conditions in Nordmarka this Saturday.

At the top of Korgetrekaren, three families from Vannersborg prepare to descend on sledges. They are in Oslo in connection with the bar WC for girls 17 in Ullevål.

– It’s beautiful. Annevi says yesterday it was not good but today it is wonderful.

They are satisfied with the toboggan run, which is about three kilometers long.

– We don’t have such long ramps. That’s the fun here, says Annevi.

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– It’s going to go away soon, I’m afraid, she laughs.

Ola Fatness skis a mile and a half on this winter day.

Skiing: – Nine out of ten

Ola Fadnes is one of the many skiers who will pass Frognerseteren this Saturday.

– I’m retired, so I try to go on weekdays. Today I left early before everyone arrived. Now there is a queue inside, he says.

– It’s great that many people use Marka.

According to Fatness, skiing is almost perfect.

– Conditions are incredibly good today. He says nine out of ten.

Many skiers at Frognerseteren on Monday morning. Ola Fadnes in background.

The week will continue

Per Egil Haka, meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Center, said the good weather will continue on Sunday.

– There will probably be a little more cloud, but the snow conditions will not change.

In the coming week, skiing will probably take place, Haga says.

– There are indications that this will be more. During the day it may be a few degrees warmer, but at night it will be minus. So snow conditions will change quite a bit, he says.

Yr.no reports that there will be good weather in the coming week. The Bureau of Meteorology says skiing will be good.
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