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A famous dog requires a cat in the hotel room - VG

A famous dog requires a cat in the hotel room – VG

Cat lover: The famous dog Anton from the TV series “From Bully to Best Friend” has very special requirements while staying at Frosta Hundehotell.

Not only has “from bully to best friend” star Anton (7) refused to drive cars other than Mercedes. He also insists on bringing a cat with him into the room when he’s staying at a dog hotel.


Every favorite Norwegian TV player, Newfoundlander Anton (7) from Stjørdal, continues his charm offensive. This fall, the popular dog from the NRK series “From Bully to Best Friend” not only released “Charming and Stubborn” but also charmed the farm cat during a two-week stay at the Frosta dog Hotel.

While the other dogs follow their own schedule, Anton flounders only to his own rhythm.

“He doesn’t need a daily schedule, he says it himself,” dog hotel owner Frøydis Tanem (47) told VG, laughing in the phone.

Not like other dogs: Anton runs his own style. relentless.

real cat whisper

During a two-week stay, Anton has acquired a new habit: he refuses to go to the hotel room without bringing the white, neutered farm cat Teo (8).

On a daily basis, Anton has mastered what Frøydis Tanem calls “speaking the language of the cat”. Anton lives at home with his own cat and is popular with the cat next door, according to owner Frederic Holmen.

Make a little something: Here Anton talks “cat” to get used to the farm cat Teo (8).

– Anton is very special in both his desires and his language. He is not very brave, so although he is friendly to everyone, he likes small dogs and cats better. Tenm says he is social and hates being alone.

The way he lure the cat with him was to make himself smaller, walk slowly and make sure the cat was with him at all times. He bends down and licks her snout and tries to keep himself small. Then the cat started following her. Teo thought Anton was cute.

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‘Join this well’: Here Anton manages to lure the cat, Teo, to the kennel.

Does the cat tend to love other dogs?

– No, it’s used for dogs because we have three of us, but many of the guests here are trying to chase the cat. So Teo ignores the other dogs. But Anton turned into a cat. He lived with cats so he used cat language to lure the cat to him.

– So Anton speaks simply?

– Yes, when he got to the building where the dog hotel is, I tried to stop the cat because I didn’t want him to get used to going to the dogs. But Anton did not enter either. He wanted to take the cat with him.

Two Spain: After a few hours of rest on the mattress of Anton’s dog, you set out again on new adventures.

charming and stubborn

And so Anton sat outside and barked. According to Tanim, this is something he only does when he “brings” other dogs that display dominant behavior or when he doesn’t get what he wants.

He sits for an hour and barks if he doesn’t get what he wants. Then I opened the door. He entered at once, crept up like a cat, and Teo followed straight into Anton’s room.

Note the effect of Anton

After Anton became a super celebrity, Frøydis Tanem received more and more requests from dog owners who had special pets.

When people hear that Anton is here, people probably think the dogs here are okay because they know he’s a special person, so we have many dogs with special wishes.

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Host: Owner Frøydis Tanem (47) at the Frosta dog hotel gets a good kiss from Newfoundlender and wonderful magician Anton.

Two guests hit out for food, for example, if they have to eat alone. They come and bring their food while Tenem and the family have dinner.

Others, like Anton, also need access to the private home. Every day when Tanim’s teenage kids aged 17, 15 and 13 come home from school, Anton wants to be with them.

requires chicken

In the morning, Anton would not wake up until nine in the morning, a few hours after the arrival of other guests. If it rains outside, he can wait until 14-15 when he’s home, according to the owner.

At 11 o’clock comes the first barking of the day. Then he wants to go to the dog hotel owner Frøydis for a treat.

He sits in front of the fridge and waits for him to get a peeled pork. At the age of fifteen he will take a shower. Here dogs are allowed to swim from May to September, but at this time of the year I do not let them swim so as not to get sick.

Slow to descend, fast in the water

So Tanum must be careful that Anton does not get a chance to peek into the water at the fifteenth hour. This presents challenges as the property has its own coastline.

– So it is impossible to disable him. When he’s here in the summer, he takes one of my dogs, Berna, and goes swimming alone. Then they shower for an hour before they go home on their own, she says.

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Swimming numbers: Newfoundlander and celebrity Anton (7) and Bernese Mountain Girlfriend Berna (9) during one of their daily hour-long baths in July of this year.

During the winter, Anton plays football.

– He picks up the ball himself and plays soccer with Berna for an hour, exactly as long as he takes a shower.

SELF ACTIVE: – Anton does not need a schedule. At the Frosta dog hotel, hotelier Frøydis Tanem says he created his own home.

The trip is worse with. Tanum thinks Anton doesn’t quite see the point.

He goes as far as he likes, but when he wants to turn he can’t be made to keep going. If I had other dogs with me, it would happen that he would show up. Then he likes to go a little further than he usually does.

Football Boy: When banned from swimming due to the season, Anton plays football for an hour with mountain dog Berna the dog Berna (9).

At eight in the evening, he himself said that he wanted to go into the room. Dog hotel owner Frøydis Tanum praises the regular guest:

Anton is a very special dog. We who run dog hotels get to know hundreds of dogs every year, and we’ve never met Anton!

Home to a chicken party

On Anton’s birthday on November 24, he returned to his home in Stjørdal. There, the disc is owned by Frederick Holmen (47) with the freshly roasted chicken that the kid shared for Christmas with the cat.

He is only seven and a half years old. It has to fit the weight, Holmen told VG about the 80-kilogram fur friend.

After the breakup, only Anton and Frederick left right, the latter’s ex-partner taking his three cats with him.

But a male raccoon primate Phoenix (1) wanted it differently.

– Phoenix just came back. three times. So now he lives here again with Anton and I. When we go for a walk, Phoenix joins.

Mercedes slow fan

As far as car preferences are concerned, coach Maren Teien Rørvik’s “bully to best friend” tricks have mostly bounced back. Anton still insists on driving a Mercedes.

– I changed Mercedes and jumped straight to the new car. I have no explanation why. I have to get my other car right to get in it, Holmen laughs.

– When he was on loan at “Newton” on NRK, he automatically stopped at Rema 1000. The presenters didn’t take him with him until he got a turkey order. The recordings were in Trondheim and we live in Stjørdal, so it is possible that he recognizes the logo.

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