A fishing boat caught fire from Sunmore outside Roast in Lofoten

A fishing boat caught fire from Sunmore outside Roast in Lofoten

A fishing boat catches fire from Sunmore, north of Roast in Lofoten, Northland.

On Friday night the fishing boats were ready for “weeder” assistance.
Photo: SMP specifications

Lastly: – No injuries were reported to us and no one was at sea, says Lars Netrewak Sanmorsposten, rescue chief at the main rescue center in northern Norway.

Fourteen people were loaded onto the rescue helicopter and at 10.10pm they reached the reception center at Leknes Airport.

The Coast Guard has deployed smoke sink crews to assist the fishing vessel.

Strong smoke growth

Just before 20.30, the main rescue center in northern Norway reported a fire on a fishing vessel from Lofoten. At about 20 o’clock the fishing vessel was reported to have caught fire with heavy smoke. Reported by Hovedredningssentralen (HRS). The fishing vessel is located north of the Røst.

At 20.45, HRS informed Sunnmørsposten that they would inform the shipping company. The Sea King rescue helicopter is said to have arrived at about 20.50.

The fishing vessel has a crew of 22. Of these, 17 have gone on life jackets and the last five are aboard.

The liner weaver just caught fire. It is registered in Alessund and is based in Kodoya in the municipality of Kiske. Relatives have been notified. Most of the people on board live in Sunnmøre.

The fishing boat Nesbuk from Kodoya was already on site.

– We’re glad it went well with the crowd, says Hakone Andreas Huddle on Nespok to Sunmorsposton at 22.30.


On Friday night, two Coast Guard ships and two lifeboats were heading for the fishing boat Vedar, west of Lofoten. Screenshot 21.15: Weselfinder

One of the owners, Torfinn Ulla tells NRK It is so bad that the boat is now sitting on the ground to enjoy the fire.

– Dream is a boat fire. A lot can happen, a lot is flammable, and then they are far away in the ocean. Ulla says not just jumping.


Dorfin Ulla in Shipping Company Waiter.
Photo: Maria Mo.

– There are five people in the boat. The reason is that as the smoke cleared, they thought it was safer to stay aboard and were trying to get an overview of the situation, Dorey tells Hangset du Vij.

Regarding fire, HRS does not currently have an accurate overview. The first news was that the ship caught fire with heavy smoke.

– Those on board put on smoke diving equipment, investigate the cause and find out where the fire started. But Hangset says there is less smoke from the boat than ever before.

At 21.25, the Coast Guard ship KV Andenes was on site to coordinate rescue efforts in the county. Reports HRS.

Two rescue boats, “Det Norske Veritas” and “Rescue Stormbull”, also approached Friday night.

KV Bison is also on the way to that place. It’s western weather, with light storms over the area, HRS says.


Only the liner “Weeder” is in trouble at sea beyond Lofoten.
Photo: Arv Breivik


Deep in the “weeder” code


Godøy reiarlag is investing heavily in a new fishing boat

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