A foreign national has been accused of copying documents from a Norwegian rocket company

A foreign national has been accused of copying documents from a Norwegian rocket company

According to the ruling, the 30-year-old must have entered the company's computer systems without access on June 29 while the man was in custody for two weeks.

– He still does not fully understand the charges and has pleaded not guilty. The accused's defense lawyer, Dor Haag, told NTB on Monday that his client believes that he could not have made the allegations by the police.

Haag says the man was employed by ISAR Aerospace Norway, which has now been charged with the data breach. The man was arrested on June 27.

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Duplicated information

Police Inspector Steffen Ravnassen in the Nordland Police District says the man had access to the computer systems, but he lost these rights.

– Ravnesen tells NTB that he gained unauthorized access to the employer's systems and copied information belonging to ISAR Aerospace.

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The police inspector did not want to comment on why he was deprived of his rights for questioning.

The company manufactures launch vehicles capable of launching satellites into orbit around the Earth, and is building its own launch pad in Andoya.

– Very serious

In addition to allegedly infiltrating the computer system, the police believe that the accused downloaded the malicious software on a laptop computer belonging to the company. The person has been charged with violating Section 204 of the Penal Code, which carries a fine or imprisonment for up to two years. The police inspector did not rule out that charges against the man could be extended.

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– We take it very seriously. A lot of time-consuming work is pending in reviewing many electronic storage devices. Other and more serious crimes may come into play, says Ravnasen.

Police have not decided whether to extend the detention, which expires later this week. The Police Security Service (PSD) confirms they are aware of the case.

– Through the Nordland Police District, who is investigating this matter, we continue to inform Eirik Veum NTB, Senior Advisor at PST.

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