A former French police officer has revealed that he is a notorious serial killer

A former French police officer has revealed that he is a notorious serial killer

In the mid-1980s, the French capital was hit by a wave of murders and rapes. It all started with the reporting that 11-year-old Cecil Bloch had gone missing after not showing up at school in 1986. The girl was found raped and murdered under an old carpet in the basement of her apartment complex. Bloch’s older brother I noticed a man who didn’t go to him feeling him in the elevator on the day the little sister disappeared BBC.

Wish Big Brother “A Very Happy Day”

The boy helped the police draw an imaginary drawing and described the confident man who wished the boy a “very good day”. The case was unsolved in the 1980s, but more recently DNA from the crime scene has been linked to several other unsolved murder cases.

The same DNA is said to have been found at the scene where 38-year-old Jill Politi and his German wife Irmgard Muller were murdered in 1987, and 19-year-old Karen Leroy who disappeared on the way to a school in 1994. In addition, a The same DNA was found in three rape cases, in which the victims were a 26-year-old woman and two girls aged 14 and 11.

This fictitious drawing was made of the policeman’s first victim’s older brother, an 11-year-old girl. Photo: a robot photo of the National Police

confesses to murder

Now, more than 30 years after the murder of 11-year-old Cecile, a police officer admits he is the notorious serial killer that French police have been unable to uncover. The 59-year-old paramilitary policeman was found dead in his apartment. Next to him was a letter in which he confessed to the murders and rapes of the 80s and 90s. According to the police, it must have been stated that the man had “motives and desires that he could not control”.

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He was called to the police station to give a DNA sample on September 24, and was found dead three days later, he writes. times.

The confession in the suicide note is supported by investigations confirming that the DNA of the 59-year-old was found at all crime scenes.

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