February 1, 2023


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A former Russian colonel: - It would be worse for us

A former Russian colonel: – It would be worse for us

On a 60-minute talk show, according to telegraph Twice a day on Russian television, the former Russian colonel Mikhail Khodarinok expressed his doubts about the invasion of Ukraine.

The biggest problem with our military and political situation is that we are completely geopolitically isolated. The whole world is against us, says Khodarenok during the broadcast.

The program is led by Russian journalist Olga Scapieva. she is According to Reuters One of the country’s most famous pro-Kremlin journalists.

The former colonel notes that the invasion of Ukraine put Russia in an exceptional position.

The situation is abnormal. When a coalition of 42 countries is against us, we are tied up, and we have to solve that somehow.

– It’ll get worse for us

The Kremlin has painted a picture that the invasion is going as planned from the start of the war. The former colonel and military expert would not agree.

“One should not swallow informational anesthesia,” he said, adding that the morale of Ukrainian forces is low.

Khodarenkomid notes that the Ukrainian forces are showing a great readiness to fight for the country, and that now, with the help of the West, they are able to arm and mobilize a million people for the war.

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We should take that into account in our ratings. It is clear that the situation is going to get worse for us,” Khudarionok said.

– The most important thing is to remain realistic. If we do not, then sooner or later reality will respond with such force that one does not know what is coming.

When asked by host Olga Scapieva how many professional and well-trained soldiers Ukraine could operate, Khodarionok replied that it was not necessarily professionalism that ultimately decided the battles.

The desire to defend their homeland is crucial. One must be willing to bleed for one’s country. We must not underestimate it.

Comes with clear advice

Sweden and Finland’s desire to join NATO is now discussed in the broadcast. In this regard, Khodarionok comes with clear advice on what Russia should not do.

– If we want to look at the big picture, from a general strategic point of view, it is not right to launch missiles towards Finland. For God’s sake, it sounds comical.

The Russian rearmament in the north cannot be ruled out

The friendly presenter with the Kremlin clearly reacts with emotion.

Should good relations with the land be built at any cost? Why is friendship with China and India less valuable than it is with the British? She asks.

Khodarenok stresses that the support from China and India is not unconditional.

– We had no choice. Surrendering to us is not an option. Host Olga Scapieva ends up winning.

It’s hard to maintain advertising

The former defense chief, Sverre Disen, believes that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Russia to maintain propaganda stories that everything is going as planned.

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– It is clear that it has become difficult for the Russians to hide from the Russian population the fact of the development of the war. Thus, changing the planned message is not entirely unexpected.

In the border countries: The former defense chief believes that there is criticism in the border countries of what is possible on Russian television. Photo: Frode Sunde/TV 2

Surprisingly, however, according to Dessen, is that criticism is not only directed at the way war is waged.

Criticism also includes the political basis for the war. I think that’s pretty close to what can be said on Russian television, says Dessen.