A Growing Problem With Street Dogs In Turkey – Videos Show Brutal Dog Killings – NRK Urix – Foreign Documentary News

A Growing Problem With Street Dogs In Turkey – Videos Show Brutal Dog Killings – NRK Urix – Foreign Documentary News

NRK warns of strong impressions and images in this article.

Homeless dogs have always been a problem in Turkey. There are more than 10 million street dogs in the country. According to the BBC.

Many people have lost their lives As a result of dog attacks in Turkey last year. The attacks sparked a debate about what the authorities are doing to control the country’s stray dogs.

After several fatal dog attacks last year, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for something to be done. He called on the authorities to remove dangerous dogs from the streets and move them to safe places.

A video shows dogs being brutally killed

Many street dogs have been placed in separate homeless dog centers. Now animal welfare organizations fear that conditions in these centers are making suffering worse. According to the Middle East Eye online newspaper.

In November, a video showing a dog being brutally killed went viral on social media. The video is supposed to be from a homeless dog center in Konya.

NRK had access to the video, which shows one man hitting a dog in the head with a shovel, while another tries to choke and hold the dog.

Brutal: A video showing two men killing a dog with a shovel caused strong reactions on social media.

Photo: Facebook

The incident sparked a strong reaction and debate about the authorities’ handling of the growing problem with street dogs.

The dog center workers were arrested after the incident and now face up to three years in prison. According to the Middle East Eye online newspaper.

– massacre

Domic Dyer of the volunteer organization Born Free Foundation believes this is not an isolated incident.

Dogs are killed this way all the time, whether by residents or city authorities. Dyer tells the newspaper online that they are often beaten to death and poisoned, often in appalling conditions observer.

The Turkish NGO Paw Guards recently published photos and videos of dead dogs allegedly dumped in a garbage dump in the town of Ağrı.

The animal protection organization shared the images with the text, “Massacre in Agri.”

POWERFUL IMAGES: NRK warns against strong impressions in this video.

In the Twitter thread, several claim local authorities are behind this, without documenting it.

A dead dog in a Turkish landfill.

In the Garage: This photo is supposed to show one of the dead dogs, dumped in a garbage dump in Ağrı, Turkey. Photo posted Dec 18.

Photo: Paw Guards (Twitter)

The need for thorough sterilization

Another video posted to Twitter in December shows a man trying to strangle a dog in an alley in Sariyer, just outside Istanbul. else Twitter video which will show local authorities catching a dog in the street and hauling it away in a car, elicits strong reactions.

Animal Protection Organization Pets works for the rights of homeless animals. The organization’s president, Sibel Akin, believes the only solution to the problem of street dogs is mass sterilization:

A street dog usually only lives about five years. Thus, according to Akin, a comprehensive national vaccination and sterilization program will solve the problem in a few years, according to The Observer.

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