A hotel investor cuts the price of Frogner Apartment – E24

A hotel investor cuts the price of Frogner Apartment – E24

– We ended up with a fairly high price, the investor tells E24.

The villa is located on the best western edge of Oslo.
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Private terrace of 115 sqm with two parking spaces and five bathrooms. These are some of the contents of architect Frogner investor Asmund Haare’s newly renovated villa for sale in March.

Then the asking price was NOK 58 million. Now the investor has lowered the price of Villa Frogner to NOK 49 million.

– We probably think the apartment could be located further afield at this price. The luxury sector often takes a little longer, Cecilie Berg, real estate agent and partner at Privatmegleren, tells E24.

The living room has direct access to the terrace.

According to Berg, it was Haar who wanted to lower the price.

“We went at a fairly high price, and we found that in terms of the market it might be wise to drop a little bit to see if we can get increased interest,” says Harry in a commentary on E24.

The sales release describes the location as “quiet and idyllic, even though you’re in the middle of town.

Nothing was saved

The investor bought the apartment for 41.5 million in 2021, according to the cadastre printing.

Since then, the apartment has been renovated and the outside area has been flooded with, among other things, a gazebo and an outside kitchen, the moderator knows.

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– It’s a completely unique property, says Berg.

The medium says the outdoor area is quite luxurious.

According to the advertisement, the usable area is approximately 300 square metres. In the basement there is a fitness room with a sauna.

– There are more than 100,000 clicks on the ad, so we had a lot of interest in this property, says Berg.

Haare owns the investment company Flying Elephant. Among other things, invest in the hotel chain first.

On Capital’s list of the 400 richest Norway He is listed at number 354, with a fortune of NOK 1.2 billion in 2021.

On Friday, there were only three used homes listed on Finn.no in Oslo that were more expensive than Haare’s Frogner villa.

Among them is investor Lars Ditlev Ditlevsen’s Gimletoppen villa, which E24 wrote about in February.

Now the price for this has been reduced to NOK 75 million, according to the announcement.

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