– A little upset – VG

- A little upset - VG
Heidi Stomo, Ambassador Bricki and their sons Leo and Luis are on strike in the Costa Blanca, Spain.

ALICANTE / OSLO (VG) In Alicante, a family of four from Hakkadal were vacationing at Villa Goyosa. The flight home was supposed to depart on Friday, but it has now been cancelled.


When VG called the family, they had just arrived at the hotel in Alicante, after taking the train from Villa Goyosa.

Sverre Brekne talks about a very nice vacation that has gone well – so far.

– We originally had our flight home on Friday around 8:30, but of course it was cancelled.

Big VG Overview: These flights are scheduled for today and tomorrow

He says the family is trying not to worry and they are hoping for the best. After receiving a message that the plane has been cancelled, one thing is on Brecken’s mind.

– Now I need to calm down so I can go to the pool with the boys, and then we’ll see what we’ll do. I feel like I don’t bother standing in line for the phone forever.

– Maybe it’s even worse for those who don’t vacation once, or all the football teams stuck at home. In that sense, we’re in luck, he says.

The family takes everything in full swing, since it’s not the worst situation ever.

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– But when you want to go home and get things done in the cabin, and when the wife goes to work on Monday, it’s a little awkward. The boys also talked about looking forward to returning home to play football.

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Stuck: It will be interesting to see if the family comes home. – But it’s not the worst place to get stuck, says the father of the family.

No information has been found

Brekne told VG that he would like more information from SAS before the cancellation takes place.

He says it is difficult to know what to do, and they have not received information about what they will do if the flight is cancelled.

Do you rebook or wait? Do you get your money back and what happens to the hotels? Perhaps they can send an email with information about what to do, rather than waiting for the cancellation to happen, as is the case now.

Get an overview – this is what you are entitled to in the event of a flight cancellation:

Brekne says they extended the hotel for another night.

– SAS wrote in the letter that they will rebook us, but we will see. Hope we don’t have to extend more than one night.

What do your children think of you not coming home tomorrow night?

– There are somewhat mixed circumstances. If there is one extra day, it will probably go well, but if there is one more day, the kids will probably be pissed.

– We’re fine, Asa!

But the family refuses to let the canceled return flight spoil the end of the holiday.

– It’s a bonus with some extra holidays in Spain. We get to work on Monday, but at worst, I’ll probably have to work from here, then. We’re fixing a pool, and we’ll do well too, Asa!

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