A man hacked into a city council meeting on Zoom

A man hacked into a city council meeting on Zoom

Flintshire Council in Wales recently held a digital council meeting to discuss waste strategies.

After a short while, they suspected that the Zoom meeting had been hacked, as several mysterious messages appeared in the chat function.

Then the screen changed, he writes BBC.


One person is said to have gotten a Zoom meeting link and connected, before changing their name several times in the chat.

The screenshot was then taken by the hacker at the meeting – who masturbated on screen in front of everyone.

The audience can watch the meeting online, but only those with a link to the Zoom meeting can share the content.

It is said that the meeting stopped within seconds, when they heard the voice of a man speaking to the town hall.

tighten security

Counselor Bernie Atteridge couldn’t believe what he saw on his iPad.

– One city council member was worried his account had been hacked when messages started showing up in the chat function, Atteridge says.

He also received messages from others in the City Council who said they were “shocked and horrified” by what happened during the Zoom meeting.

The City Council now wants to tighten security settings for digital meetings, and encourages meetings to be held physically at County Hall in the future.

A city council spokesperson says they are now reviewing all security settings for upcoming meetings, and confirms that someone accessed a Zoom meeting and “shared highly inappropriate content.”

Among those who noted that Zoom meetings can present challenges was Congressman Tom Emmer. Two years ago, he ended up falling head over heels in an important meeting. See the video below:

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