A man was arrested after being shot in an open street in central Oslo – two men were taken to hospital

A man was arrested after being shot in an open street in central Oslo – two men were taken to hospital

At 00:30 on Sunday evening, the police received a report of a shooting in an open street near the National Theater in Oslo. A man has now been arrested and charged with complicity in attempted murder.

Dramatic scenes in the center of the capital during a typical January weekend: Police cordoned off large swathes of the National Theater on Sunday night.

The latest: A man has now been arrested and charged with complicity in attempted murder after the shooting.

– He is a young man, in his early twenties, and we envisage several arrests, Police Inspector Great Lyn Mitlaid tells Aftenposten.

– Why do you imagine more arrests?

– I can say that based on the photo we have. We believe there is more involved than the two victims and the one we arrested. Shootings in the streets of Oslo are something we take very seriously, and those involved should be aware of it.

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Two men in their 30s and 40s were taken to hospital Sunday night. They are described as severe, but not severe injuries.

– We don’t know what the premise of it was, but something seems to have happened in a nightclub, and it seems to be famous actors. But whether it was targeted, or a conflict arose, I can’t say anything else, says Great Liane Maitled.

The police want photos and videos

She encourages witnesses to contact the police if they have anything to report, photos or videos of what happened Sunday night.

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We don’t want shooting in public places. Each individual case is too much, says Maitled.

She heads the department responsible for the most serious violent cases in the Oslo Police District.

Operations Commander Magnus Strand told NTB last night that there was a shootout in the open street. The police inspector will wait a bit to describe the incident like this. Nor did it say how many shots were fired.

– A fight probably started inside a pub on the Klingenberggata. Then they went out into the street environment where shots were fired. Two people were shot. Incident leader Strand said both were taken to hospital and are being cared for there.

There was a heavy police presence around the National Theatre.

On Sunday morning, Operations Director Alexander Osterhaug told VG that there was a hypothesis that there was a conflict at the root of the accident. He adds that the police therefore suspect a relationship between those involved.

Close the tape immediately

Staff at Raadhuset pub, one of Klingenberggata’s night spots, immediately blocked the street entrance when they heard gunfire outside.

– They felt the safest thing for everyone would be to close the door immediately. Then, there was a huge police presence on the street, and then they chose to shut down the place entirely, Morten Goldvik wrote in a text message.

Guldvik is the general manager of Skagstindgruppen, which runs the Raadhuset pub. He says that “everything worked fine.”

– It was as if the guests weren’t quite aware of what had happened, other than that those who were in the part towards Klingenberggata might have seen that there were a lot of police and ambulances.

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– Very serious

“Shooting in a public place and in a period of time where there are a lot of people outside, from experience, it’s very dangerous,” Morten Kalhagen, the police duty director, said in an interview with Aftenposten on Sunday morning.

After the shooting, part of the Stortingsgata and Klingenberggata were banned. Heavily armed policemen were at the scene. When the Aftenposten was there at 07.00 on Sunday morning, the barriers had been removed.

Police received a report of the shooting at 0:30. This is part of downtown Oslo and is usually very crowded at this time on weekends. Initially, the mission was defined as the Blevue Incident, which stands for life-threatening ongoing violence, but this was changed after some time.

Police have conducted investigations and have theories about what happened Sunday night.

It is not clear how many shots

It is unclear how many people were shot.

– At the moment it is not confirmed, but two people were shot, says mission leader Strand.

The case is being investigated, including in the form of interviews with witnesses and obtaining video materials.

It was VG From night to Sunday in contact with one of the guides who said she heard four shots, followed by screaming and screaming. She said a person was lying on the ground and bystanders helped him before a huge police force and ambulance arrived at the scene.

According to the guide, someone allegedly fled the scene.

– The investigation into the case is still fully under way, and information about the case will be released as soon as it is deemed appropriate, Operations Director Alexander Osterhaug wrote to the press on Sunday morning.

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It was not clear how many people fired shots and how many rounds were fired.

22 shootings in 2022

Through the night into Sunday, parallel to the investigation, police searched for other possible perpetrators.

– So far, we have no information that there will be any danger to anyone else in Oslo, certainly not, said mission commander Magnus Strand.

On December 3 of last year, Klassecampen wrote that he was 22 shooting incidents in the capital The year is 2022. On June 24, two men were killed and 21 people injured in a mass shooting in Hambros Plas and at Christian August Gate. On November 27, a man in his twenties was killed in Greenland.

In Klassekampen’s article, city councilor Raymond Johansen was asked if Oslo was a safe city.


Of course Oslo is a safe city. It is very unsafe for those criminals. Objectively, this is true. But if you’re close to being shot, it doesn’t seem like it. Every time there is an episode in Holmelya or anywhere else in Oslo, I get asked if Oslo is a safe city. Think how wrong it is to say it is an unsafe city.

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