A minor girl was locked in a sauna room

A minor girl was locked in a sauna room

Locked up: The girl was locked up in this sauna in Frydvika in Giovik. Photo: Gjovik Municipality

It was taken out after about 40 minutes.

The incident occurred at a sauna linked to the Norwegian Tourism Association (DNT) in Gjövik on Monday evening.

-She was taken out of the front room. There is no doubt that it was hot, but perhaps it was not the full sauna temperature, Per Hovland, General Manager of DNT Gjøvik and Surroundings, tells VG on Tuesday and continues:

– It is impossible to say how hot it was, because the door would have been partially open and the sun would have been shining all day. It must have been very hot for the girl, but it didn't make sense for it to be at full sauna temperature in there.

Bard Operations Manager Einar Hooft says the girl is less than 10 years old. It was the parents who reported the incident when they were unable to open the door and took the girl out themselves.

The police came out and had to call firefighters for help. After 40 minutes, the girl was taken out.

– It was marked physically because the sauna was too hot, and from experience, Hooft tells VG.

Hovland is now investigating what may have happened. The course of events is not yet known.

– It is unfortunate and tragic, Hovland adds.

Had to call to get the code

The sauna door can only be opened from the outside after booking in advance. That was not the case when the accident occurred, according to Hovland at DNT. The girl entered anyway.

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It is usually opened from the outside using a code lock solution.

DNT believes the girl entered because the door was not locked after the previous customer had used it. Investigations showed that the outer door had “lowered” and was therefore not locked.

– But from the inside it is possible to exit without a code. This is something an adult can handle.

Operations Director Hooft said earlier Monday that there may be a technical fault with the door. DNT will investigate this matter further.

Hovland in DNT explains that they sent a code to the key box using the key card.

– The girl was taken care of by the health care system and sent to the emergency room, says Operations Director Hoeft.

– We have reported the incident to DNT. He added that they will conduct further investigations, and if there is an error, it must be corrected.

The sauna is now closed for use throughout the evening. Hovland at DNT says they have been in contact with the child's parents.

– This seems to have gone well. We are very happy to hear that.

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