A murder mystery in a powerful family: New evidence presented in court

A murder mystery in a powerful family: New evidence presented in court
Emotional: Alex Mordeau was seen crying during the trial, which began in Walterboro on Wednesday.

Senior attorney Alex Murdaugh, 53, found his wife and son murdered in the family’s hunting lodge. During the trial on Wednesday, more new evidence emerged that Alex Murdaugh himself was the perpetrator of the double murder.


Previously written by VG About Alex Murdaugh (53) who finds his wife Maggie (52) and son Paul (22) shot in the family’s hunting lodge.

Since the story of the brutal murders was discovered on June 7, 2021, the murder mystery has shaken the people of South Carolina, USA, where the Murdaugh family have been high-profile lawyers for eight decades.

And now Alex Mordo himself has been convicted in the case, after more new evidence has come to light.

The prosecution says they see a clear motive, write New York times.

Over the past decade, Alex Murdo has stolen millions of dollars from clients at the law firm he once worked for. Prosecutors now believe he killed parts of his family to gain sympathy, and to prevent his embezzlement from coming to light.

During the trial, which began on Wednesday, he was also accused of constructing a false alibi to avoid suspicion.

The prosecutor in the case believes Alex Murdaugh first killed his wife and two sons, Maggie and Paul Mordeau, before calling his wife on her cell phone. Afterwards, Mordeau is said to have gone to his mother to prove that he was not present during the murders.

Murdo’s attorney, Dick Harbotlian, rejects the allegations made by prosecutors and says Alex Mordeau is innocent.

He didn’t kill his wife and son. You have to stop thinking he did that,” Harbotlian says According to The New York Times.

The scene: the hunting cabin in rural Colleton County where Maggie Murdaugh and her son, Paul, were found shot. The property is owned by a powerful family.

The case attracted great attention across the United States. Podcasts, documentaries, and numerous online forums have been created to discuss the murders and the family’s long history.

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More new evidence

District Attorney Creighton Waters told the court about several new pieces of evidence during Wednesday’s trial.

One of the pieces of evidence consisted of a rain jacket covered in gunshot residue, which was found in the home of Alex Mordeau’s mother. It was here that he went the same night the murders took place.

Five minutes before the prosecution believed the killing had taken place, son Paul Mordeau is also said to have taken a video of a dog inside a kennel, and sent it to a friend.

In the video, the accused’s father, Alex Murdaugh, can be heard speaking, despite the fact that he said in a police statement that he was not at a dog shelter that night.

Shortly after 10 p.m., Alex Murdaugh returned home from visiting his mother, where he reportedly discovered two deceased family members.

His lawyers believe this was the first time he had seen the crime scene, unlike the prosecution who believe Alex Mordeau tried to send the police in the wrong direction throughout the investigation.

Dick Harbotlian, Alex Murdeau’s attorney, argues that videos from shortly before the murders show a relaxed and good mood in the family, suggesting that Alex could not have killed parts of his family. The videos show a father and his son laughing together while planting trees.

Harpootlian also believes that the time perspective that emerges from the call log on the cellphone indicates that there was not enough time to carry out the murders and get to the mother.

According to Harpootlian, there were no bloodstains on Alex Mordeau’s jersey.

Defense attorneys: Alex Murdaugh stands among defense attorneys during the trial on Wednesday.

More brutal incidents

The dramatic double murder is one of several brutal events for the family in recent years.

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On Saturday, September 4, 2021, Alec Murdaugh was driving along a country road on his way to the city of Charleston when he experienced problems with his car.

He had stopped at the side of the road to change a tire, when another car passed him. The driver of the car stopped a little on the road, turned towards him.

The motorist then shot Murdaugh in the head and disappeared, according to Murdough’s attorney, Jim Griffin The New York Times.

The star lawyer survived the attack. According to the New York Post, he was taken to hospital by air ambulance, but was conscious and told police himself what he had been through.

– The Murdo family has suffered more than any other family could imagine, a family spokesperson said, according to the CNN.

The family is disturbed by all the attention the cases have received – and that much of the media coverage, they say, has focused more on their position in society than on the losses they have suffered.

The day before Alex Mordeau claimed to have been shot in the head was the day he was accused of embezzling money at the law firm in which he was a partner. This resulted in him having to quit his job.

According to the New York Times, Hampton SC management should have confronted Alex Mordeau with the charges the Friday before the firing, and they then reached an agreement that he should resign.

FAMILY PRESENT: Several family members were at the scene during the start of Alex Mordeau’s trial on Wednesday. The prosecution assumes that we had a three-week trial.

many enemies

In June, Murdaugh offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the convictions of whoever killed his wife and son.

The case received a lot of attention in the American media, and soon the police were under great pressure to solve the murders.

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– This is not a TV show. This can be solved in 51 minutes minus the commercials. It takes time, said Tommy Crosby of the South Carolina Police Department two weeks after the killing The New York Times.

Based on the fact that the family, through its legal practices, has been associated with several high-profile court cases over the years, there is speculation as to whether the name of the perpetrator—or persons—could be found in old court documents.

Many of those with ties to the powerful family did not want to speak publicly about the murders for fear of being singled out as possible suspects with thoughts of revenge.

Murdered: Paul Mordo (22 years old) was found murdered at the family hunting lodge on June 7 this year. His mother, Maggie Mordo, is also found murdered.

– Investigation of murdered teenagers

In search of answers to the murder mystery, the police have reopened two old investigations.

One case involved 19-year-old Mallory Beach, who died in a boating accident in 2019. When Alex Mordeau’s son Paul was killed, he was accused of driving the boat while drunk, causing the accident in which the young woman died. .

Alex Mordo tried to sway the police by believing that the perpetrator must have wanted his son, Paul Mordo, dead because of the boating accident.

The prosecution believes the boating accident is connected to the fatal homicide, but not in the way Alex Mordo suggests. Due to litigation after the boating accident, plaintiffs believe someone threatened Alex Mordeau into sharing details about his finances.

On the day of the murders, his law firm, Hampton SC, also confronted him about non-payment.

The other death that investigators are re-examining is even more mysterious.

In 2015, 19-year-old Stephen Smith was found dead on the side of the road a few miles from one of the Murdo family’s properties. Smith’s car was found about five kilometers from the scene, with the gas tank hatch open. And I wrote that this investigation was also messy Fits the news.

Smith was found to have severe head injuries. Police reportedly had theories about a killing and shooting, but ultimately concluded that Smith was hit and that the driver had absconded.

No one has been charged or prosecuted in this case.

Smith’s mother had always suspected her son was infected, and took the news of the case’s reopening with relief.

– I’ve been waiting for this for 2174 days. Thank God, she told the local newspaper Fits the news.

It is not known if there is any connection between Stephen Smith and the Murdue family.


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